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$111.11 on 11.11 GPS Navigation 2Din HD Car Stereo DVD CD Player with Rearview Camera

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  • $111.11 on 11.11 GPS Navigation 2Din HD Car Stereo DVD CD Player with Rearview Camera

    Function Introduction:

    1. Built-in I/F TCON. Can drive 800*480 resolution HVD RGB 666

    (Hsync.Mode. DE) TTL panel Vsync; 6.95. 6.2. 7. 6.1 inch digital

    Screen drive;(commonly used with TCON Han Caiping. The Chinese

    Screen without TCON. Etc.) Without a need to add the driver IC.

    2. Built in driver Touch; support for high-speed touch. Support and

    Drag. Support special effects. Sound Should quickly;

    3. Support a variety of radio FM/AM/ radio tuner and IC and

    Various regional selection;

    4. Support DVD/USB (Speed High) /SD player. To facilitate the

    Support of various media formats;

    5. Support Bluetooth. A2DP. Support calls. The phone book;

    6. Support simulation TV;

    7. Support IPOD USB. (need to add CP certification IC);

    8. Support GPS module;

    9. Support the front / rear view display. Brake control;

    10. Support for multiple languages (a total of eight kinds of support

    Can also be supported. And now there are: Chinese. English. Indonesian.

    Russian. Thai and Arabic);

    11. Support BEEP (key tone). Support LOUD. SUBWOOFER control;

    12. Support video color adjustment;

    13. Support six kinds of EQ mode. The eight section EQ sound


    14. Support time display and adjustment. Support / day / day / week /


    15. Support for backlight control. A variety of mode adjustment;

    16. Support the steering wheel learning;

    17. Support touch correction;

    18. Support for factory settings (factory production can set or increase

    Or decrease);

    19. Support power on password function;

    20. Support the logo selection. Support up to 100 cars.

    21. Support machine version display;

    22. Support out CVBS;

    23. Support RMVB

    Package Content:

    1 x Power Cable

    1 x GPS Antenna

    1 x DVD Player

    1 x Camera