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[TUTORIAL] Setting up IPTV on openELEC

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  • [TUTORIAL] Setting up IPTV on openELEC

    Hi There,

    I'm going to make a step-by-step tutorial for the IPTV installation on openELEC.

    First we need the have openELEC installed on Wetek

    If not, you can install it by visiting our OpenELEC official topic or [TUTORIAL]how to install linux, xbmc or openelec on micro sd credits to sniffer

    If it's your first time using openELEC, you need to set it ip.
    It's easy, but here's a tutorial by sniffer how to do it.

    Ok, now, we're ready to start working with openELEC.

    Boot you wetek play with openELEC installed then using your wetek remote, navigate to the right until you find "System".

    Once "system" is selected, click on "settings".

    Now, you need to select "Live TV".

    Click on "general" then navigate to your right and click on "enable". This way, the "TV" option will become available on the main menu.

    Now, press the "back button" on your wetek remote.

    As you see, you have a lot of options, i want you to go to "Add-ons"

    Now we need to select "disable add-ons".

    In this menu, i'm going to select "PVR IPTV Simple Client"

    Then, select "configure"

    I'm going to use one of my Portuguese IPTV configuration, but, if you live in USA (for example), you must know the URL's to your playlist.

    Now, select "general"
    The "location" must be with the "Remote Path(Internet adress)" option selected. Normally is already selected by default.

    Now, this is one of the most important parts of the tutorial.
    In "M3U Play list URL", type the URL for our IPTV services as you can see in the image above

    Then, select "EPG Settings".
    The "location" must be the same as the "M3U Play list".
    Now, on the "XMLTV URL", type the URL address for EPG.

    Once it's done, just press "OK"

    And we're almost set. We just need to enable the "PVR IPTV Simple Client"

    if openELEC restarts, you just need to go to: System, Options, Add-ons, disable add-ons and then select the "PVR IPTV Simple Client".

    Enable it and we're all set.

    The openELEC should start searching for the channels.

    Now, go to the main menu, select "TV" and then "channels"

    Feel free to ask any questions you might have!

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    Will this work with any iptv service? Can use still use kodi as your media center after this setup or is it just for the use of iptv after this configuration. what is Wetek