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[REVIEW] JXDS5800 (Quad-Core, 5")

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  • [REVIEW] JXDS5800 (Quad-Core, 5")

    [REVIEW] JXDS5800 (Quad-Core, 5")

    Note: This is a summary of the original article located here.

    Note about this version: In first place, apologize my rude english. I do my best for writing directly in english, avoiding automatic translators, but is possible i do some mistakes. I will be glad receiving any improvement or fix, if you consider necessary, but in general speaking i think the main content of the article is understandable (most of this article is technical information). Hope you don´t get problems on reading it.


    To GeekBuyiung for send me a sample of JXDS5800device to test it and write this review.

    Usage of this article

    Author give permission to use this review, part of this or by a link reference, to anybody wants to use it, with only one condition that you must keep the author of this article, and the original source, that is on my blog.

    For any update for the content of this article, i suggest to visit the link avobe.


    JXD releases their first hybrid between smartphone and android console, bringing an interesting device that keep the main shape as their big version JXDS7800B, but adding 3G/Calls functionality, all this reduced to a 5" IPS display, that is a demanded size by many customers for portable android gaming device.

    The mix is interesting, with many potential usage, and may be enough for most users, but there is a (big) problem that we cannot ommit, and any future user of this may consider before buy. There are button overlapping problems on the device. I will talk about this in the article, but is something that i consider important to mention before any other info, and to keep in mind when you read this review.

    But please, read the article (or the part you prefer) and get your own conclusions about it. I think this device can offer many ways entertainment, and may be enough for your kind of usage.

    I will keep al of my part to bring all the info i can for anyone that wants to get more info about this.

    Product showcase(Checking of the external view of the package)

    The box is a box with the look of recycled cardboard. Print is simplist and clear. There is a draw of the device in the face, indicating the kind of device it is, a 3G Phone Game

    The rear of the package have some tech info about the device, but in chinese. Even you can deduce some aspects of the device checking icons and some words that are universal (Android 4.2, Cortex A7, 1GB RAM, etc)

    In the box, there is a slot for secure transport of the device, and the rest of the space is for accessories and printed guides/manuals of the product.

    Package contents
    (Unboxing y full description of the package contents)

    When the package is opened, we found the following elements thats, i understand, are part of any standard shippment for this product.

    • JXDS5800 device
    • Headphones
    • MicroUSB cable (for data and charging)
    • MicroUSB OTG cable
    • USB wall charger
    • EURO connector for charger
    • User guide
    • User reference
    • Warranty
    • JXD Sticker

    Product information

    According with the manufacturer, or searching info on web pages, we can found many sources of information about the device and sometimes these information may be not consistent (may be different from one web page to other), and this may cause some confusion for anybody that wants to get info about this product.

    On this section i will post the info i get from the manufacturer (or is not possible, the web page that i consider more reliable), listing only the relevant points for a tech analysis of the product, and omit these points that don´t get any relevant info about the device (as many time we found on many pages, things such video capabilities, mail capabilities, etc, that really are software based features that we can install on the device, and not a real feature of the device itself)
    • Chipset: MTK6582, Quad-Core Cortex A7
    • Screen/Display: 5-inch IPS Bright LCD, Resolution: 960*540 pixels
    • Touch Panel 5 point Capacitive Screen (G+G )
    • Communications: 3G (WCDMA) Calling+2G (GSM) Calling
    • Network: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), built-in 3G (WCDMA)
    • RAM: 1GB DDR3
    • Flash: 8GB Flash, support external TF card up to 32GB
    • OS: Android 4.2
    • Buttons: Direction buttons, ABXY, Dual LR, Dual analog joysticks, select, start, Vol+/-, Reset, POWER, Home, Back, Menu and Mode switch button
    • G-Sensor: 3 Axis Gravity Sensor
    • Bluetooth: Support
    • GPS: Support
    • Camera: 0.3MP Front Camera, 5.0MP Rear Camera
    • Battery: Built-in 3000mAh replaceable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Charge with 5V 2A DC adaptor or USB charging (slow)
    • Vibrator motor
    • Sound device: Speaker, phone receiver and MIC
    • I/O USB2.0 High Speed
    • OTG: Connet Keyboard, mouse, Ethernet, U disk and Hard disk
    • 3.5mm Stereo earphone mini jack
    • Size: Length: 198mm Width: 156mm Height: 88mm

    Info from the device itself (Android info)

    In first place, to get a reliable source of info about the system, i take some screenshots from the same device showing android system info (thata usually is insufficient), and from another software that can give us more detailed information about the system, and with this info we can get a general idea about the capabilities of the device.

    Default programs on the device

    Antutu Benchmark X System Info


    This is an evolved 5" JXD device, and must the base for future devices of this size.

    Adding L2 and R2 (to 5" device) is something that customers was asking for a while to JXD.

    For customers that are looking for a good 5" alternative, this may be one for considering, but take note, point to the new revision of this device (if exist), to avoiding the overlapping problems.

    Thanks to their 60Hz screen refresh rate, many emulated games run smoothly and looks so good, in special PSP games.

    I have a mix of good and bad taste of this device. Is a clear example that what may be a good 5" alternative to Android gaming console, but there are some things that relegate this to "just another try".

    If JXD fix all the problems of this device, then will be a very intersting android gaming console (i doubt that this device is a good alternative for normal phone usage)

    At this moment, there is a new video (supossely from JXD) where you can see the revised version of the device:

    As you can see, overlapping button problem appear to be fixed. (but i prefer to test myself for check if really there is no other problems now). In any case, if the problems are solved, then is a very good news.

    If you´re interested on this device, most probably when releasing this review JXD release their new fixed device (and if i can get one of them, i will write about it too)

    Final words

    I take time on publishing this review, because i´m waiting for news from JXD about their fixed device, but there is no news yet, and i prefer to publish now this and, if needed, write another article refering to the new device.

    Hope this review bring to you information about the device and help to you to decide to buy (or not) but with most info you can get from it (and i try to bring to you)

    I will try to update this article with new information i receive about this device.



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    Originally posted by Sallyning
    Wow, Cool...I'll buy it. One of my friend told me JXD have created a website, it can support payment.
    as i know, jxd official website is:

    i think this site you posted is simply another store that take the jxd name.

    is so strange if jxd releases a new store, without announcing to their customers, resellers, etc.
    and so strange too if jxd is not redirecting their old site to this new.

    conclusion, this is not a jxd official site, then i suggest to you to avoid on buying here, until jxd give feedback to their customers.

    edit: i checked in original site that there is a new link to this

    with this, appear to be a real jxd store. i will try to get some info about this...


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      well, so the is the retail online store of
      So, we can buy it from this store?
      Good news cause the official website is cheaper than elsewhere and we can get our problems solved soon.
      This is the game i am now playing:
      Do not laugh at me, i am into it.


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        good recommend

        the items seems good ,thanks for sharing
        like cheap tablets ,hopefully can see a lot of models


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          thanks , appreciated