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How to fix a A10 AllWinner ft5X touch screen!

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    Originally posted by knutn View Post
    Another update:
    After playing around with the DMtech firmware the touch-screen stopped working. Flashing the original firmware restored it, so unless there was some other problem, the original firmware did flash the TS-controller. Reflashed with DMtech, and now it works again ......
    ... and after coming out of sleep the touch-screen again didn't work. Went back to TAC-90011 firmware (android 4.1.1) and it looks fine so far (so it seems that my theory about module sizes and flashing isn't correct).


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      Great post, but I was not able to download the file. Is there an alternate download location?



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        Download link fixed.

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          Originally posted by Finless View Post
          Download link fixed.

          Many, many thanks Bob.

          Even I have the same problem with ft5402 at 800x480. Not included in your zip


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            AllWinner A10 with Goodix Touchpad not working

            OK so once you have found a KO that works, then we have to do more work!
            We have to mod script.bin (sysconfig1.fex) in bootfs. You actually have to get the linux tools bin2fex and fex2bin. You will take script.bin from bootfs and use fex2bin to convert it to editable text.
            Then you will go to the CTP section under [ctp_para]. There you will see something like this:
            ctp_int_port = port:PH21<6><default><default><default>
            ctp_wakeup = port:PB13<1><default><default><1>
            ctp_io_port = port:PH21<0><default><default><default>
            We need to tell the script we want to program the EEPROM and we will ADD these 2 lines.
            ctp_upgrade_used = 1
            ctp_firmware_name = "ft5x_newfw"
            Please note, the firmware name you use here must be used in the ADB commands below! You can use whatever name you like but it needs to be whats is used below.
            Now use fex2bin and make a new script.bin

            Can you tell me Finless where I can find ctp_para at my system tablet..
            Sorry I am realy nob but I want to fix my PC 677 touch screen
            I find ft5x_ts.ko and goodix_touch.ko in vendor dir
            Can you please help me with this. Thank you.


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              i have problem with mine Trnsmart A(