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Switch TV box on if HDMI connected

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  • Switch TV box on if HDMI connected

    Hi folks,
    To switch off the TV box is a simple thing by trigger from Tasker...
    but the other way round, to switch it on again if the HDMI is in use, or any other trigger is missing.

    From my side of view there should be a possibility to switch on in any way, without using the remote, or am I fault?
    Anyone out there who has an idea to switch the box on without using the IR remote control?

    Trigger like HDMI connected, BT near, wifi near, Power over USB???

    I appreciate your help.

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    Consumption power:
    As you can see...standby uses little power (i just leave my boxes running 24/7, with a scheduled reboot)

    Possible Solutions:
    1.APC poweroulet with master slave control
    The master outlet senses and learns when your device powers down or goes into standby mode (your tv)
    and cut off the power of the remaining controlled outlets (slave)

    o CEC-capable HTPCs, control your HTPC/Android using your TV (remote)

    Something like that?



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      I have a gyroscopic air mouse that has a learning function, so I can map the IR ON button for multiple boxes to various keys on the air mouse.

      Saves me having to use IR remotes and they go back in the box.
      MXIII-G II, Chuwi Hibox, Nvidia Shield, NUC6CAYH


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        I think I need to explain a bit more detailed...

        My box is mounted in the glove box of my car and mirrors on my radio. Works fine so far.
        There are just now 2 possibilities to get it working:
        1. Box switches off, when ignition is off, and on if ignition is on. That means that all tasks are killed and a fresh boot up is needed each time you start the engine. That takes about 30-35 sec. until the touch approach works. Not really long, but not comfortable at least.
        2. Box has permanent power and goes into stand by with a tasker task, when HDMI is not connected after 20min (20min because of short stop at gas station etc.).... and this is the solution I am just playing with.
        To wake up the box just now, I have to use my remote for switching back on... and this is a solution which needs improvement.
        I wonder if it would be possible to switch on/off different as with IR.


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          Hmm... ups powerbank
          I have a usb ups powerbank... input 18v... (output 12v or usb max 2.1a)
          My point...main power loss... tvbox/router/camera stays up...main power comes-up, it charges it self/while keeping tvbox/router/camera online

          What you have? (To check powerusage on cnx-software)

          Just a thought


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            Good point mitchell4you

            Yes UPS was my second idea too.
            I ran into the same issue that my power bank switches too slow so that my Tanix TX5pro switched off and on again... so doesn´t work.

            From the technical side of view it would be possible to use a UPS, but I think that would be oversized for the usage... second battery, additional electronic...

            Hopefully that should go easier without additional battery.

            What do you mean with: "To check powerusage on cnx-software"?