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    Originally posted by mo123 View Post

    The cable companies block certain apps on devices with ethernet, rooted devices or devices with miracast or HDMI outputs so you have to subscribe to more expensive services or buy their decoders/set top boxes to get things to work.
    I have comcast and pay for it. They advertise the app . I dont get what the big deal is.
    I guess ill buy a intel pc stick. As they work on my laptopt

    Anyway is there any other use for these rk 3688 boxes. It has kodi installed but doesnt work reliably
    is there another rom i can flash for these boxes rk8 rk3688


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      Is your Box rooted ?
      This is the main reason that the Comcast App not Work.


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        no it isnt pretty sure its HDMI check. It was working up until they changed the app to the new one.


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          Most fail the same error on phone or tablet if you connect hdmi/mhl. I've found the HDMI mask on UT4 does work for holding the hdmi on some apps, ABC, Uverse I think. But it doesn't change the root status. I haven't seen many modded apps lately on XDA because of the xposed modules. Too much work to keep up with app versions and most of the TV related apps force update for usability.


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            If your android boxes are rooted then you should be able to get the comcast xfinity app working, Ive got it running on my KIII box. you need a few apps installed via xposed. I seen this from another post from a guy esloudan. Here is the link to his post.


            try it guys and maybe we could create a post with each persons box and model. See what works and what does not.


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              I just tried both apps on my rooted Shield 2017 and they do not alter the State value. I cannot run TWC/Spectrum TV app without hiding Hdmi. Ugoos has this working on UT3S. If I can get this to work, The Shield will take care of 90% of my watching needs.
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