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  • Custom XBMC apk

    I have built my own custom build of xbmc, which is based on Aeon Nox skin, have all menus customised etc. I have been using apktool to decompile/recompile and i copy userdata and addon folder correctly and sign them, the problem comes when i install the apk, it doesnt recognise my settings
    Can anyone advise if they have successfully created an all in one apk?

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    A userdata folder gets created by Kodi when it is installed but it does not copy over the additional things you have added to userdata, it just isn't in the code to do so. Because the guisettings.xml is in the userdata folder which controls how you have set up each screen etc you will have all the addons installed but nothing else configured. There is only 2 ways around this if you want it all self contained in one apk. Either edit the original skin so that them links are hardcoded and then change the package name of the skin so that it doesn't get updated when aeon nox updates or you need to compile your own version of kodi adding in the function to copy the entire userdata folder on install.

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      Yes, go to system then appearance and choose the skin. Your build will reappear. I am trying to figure out why this happens and how to fix and figure it maybe settings.xml