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  • one ROM dev's approach

    Just a quick post. I often see people trying to go straight to attempting a fully modified ROM, I think this is a mistake and would advise the following, based around working RK ROMs.
    1. Take small steps
    2. use the rkAndroid flash tool we use on FreakTab, if possible find a rom already in this form and start with this and maybe a stock system.img
    3. test your work often
    4. script the steps you take, if not at least take good notes, you will need to do each step many times possibly with minor changes
    5. learn some linux
    6. read RockChip ROM Building Tips and Tricks by Finless
    7. read it again

    A couple of examples

    system: You want to be able to mount a system.img, modify it,flash it. So to start off
    1. mount system.img
    2. remove 1 apk that you know is not required
    3. unmount
    4. flash this
    If this boots and the apk you removed has been removed then move onto rooting, full debloat, boot animation, busybox, fixes.

    boot: you want to be able to unpack, modify and repack. This can be difficult, there are plenty of ways to go wrong.
    1. unpack
    2. repack
    3. flash
    That's right no changes here you need to get these steps right. If it boots then move on a little
    1. unpack
    2. make a minor edit to build.prop (add a comment)
    3. change initlogo.rle
    4. repack
    5. flash
    Does it boot with your boot screen? If so now do the good stuff, change file system types, mount system rw, add init.d support.


    900supersports FreakTab rkROMkitchen

    900supersports guide to working-RK-ROMs

    Under Construction 900supersports guide to working MediaTek ROMS

    Struggling for time at the moment, but will try and drop by when I can.

    If you would like to support my ROM development then please visit my Google site donate page where you can make a paypal donation

    freaktab developer

    Proof that you're never to old to learn. Sometimes too old to remember though.

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    Great tips!

    100% agree and in fact this is how I slowly learned to do RK ROMs.

    "Pzebacz im, bo nie wiedzą, co czynią"
    "Прости им, они не ведают, что творят"
    "Perdona loro perché non sanno quello che fanno"
    "Vergib ihnen, denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun"
    "Vergeef hen want ze weten niet wat ze doen"
    "Pardonne-leur car ils ne savent pas ce qu'ils font"
    "Perdónalos porque no saben que lo que hacen"
    "Oprosti im, jer ne znaju što čine"
    "Forgive them as they know not what they do"


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      Originally posted by Finless View Post
      Great tips!

      100% agree and in fact this is how I slowly learned to do RK ROMs.

      What do you do in an instance where you dont have a .rle image like the mk808b? I can change the kernel image in hex. I can change the bootanimation on the device but i can not find the boot splash.


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        Ahah with my previous experience I'll stay calm for a while with my u30gt
        anyway I have a sanei n83 for experiments