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[NEW] Beelink AP34 Ultimate Review

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  • [NEW] Beelink AP34 Ultimate Review

    Beelink AP34 Ultimate Intel Mini PC 4K Ultra HD. Windows 10 64bit Home OS for Office Use - DDR3 8G Windows (C : ) 64G 1000M / LAN / Intel Apolo Lake N3450 / Intel HD Graphics 500 Desktop PC-Double WiFi / USB 3.0 / Support 128GB SD + DIY SSD Specification

    Hi Guys and Girls,This time the review is for the new Cool Blue Beelink AP34 Ultimate from the guys over at beelink.

    The Beelink AP34 Ultimate Supports Windows 10 with the latest Intel Apollo Processor N3450 CPUs (2M Cache, up to 2.2GHz) CPU and Intel HD Graphics 500


    Cool Blue Metal Case
    Intel Celeron N3450 quad core Apollo Lake processor 1.10 GHz to 2.20 GHz
    Authorised Windows 10
    Intel HD 500 graphics
    System Memory 8 GB DDR3
    Storage 64 GB eMMC flash, SD card slot
    M.2 SSD slot up to 320 GB
    Video Output HDMI 1.4
    Audio – 3.5mm headphone jack
    Gigabit Ethernet, dual band 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, & Bluetooth 4.0
    USB 3x USB 3.0 host ports
    Misc Power button and LED, reset pinhole
    Power Supply 12V/2A

    Specification (From webpage)

    Beelink AP34 Ultimate Supports Windows 10 MINI PC and is equipped with the latest Intel CPUs Apollo Lake N3450 Processor (2M Cache, up to 2.2 GHz) CPU and Intel HD Graphics 500, CPU execution speed 50% faster than X5-Z8350, Stand up to 4K for ultra high definition video viewing.
    WiFi normal speed 3X, Built-in WiFi 802.11 ac dual-band 2.4G / 5.8G Gigabit Ethernet 1000Mb / s Maximum theoretical downward speed, a variety of options, faster transmission and download.

    8GB DDR3 RAM + 57.5GB windows (C : ) + 128G Max Expanded Capacity + DIY SSD, download your favorite programs and movies with smooth and responsive navigation and applications that start quickly. (SD card is not included).
    AP34 The MINI PC adopts the advanced USB 3.0 interface, up to 5Gbps, no interruption in the transmission process. Low power BT4.0 Can be attached to handle, headphones, speakers, 10M Transfer distance.

    Beelink AP34 Ultimate Mini PC not only has the metal frame, aluminum but also the best cooling mode as it has an aluminum heat sink in a large area so there is no noise. VESA mount design, which is more comfortable and easy to use.

    Some internal photos

    The impressive heat sink

    The under side of the PCB

    The top of the PCB once the heat sink was removed (What a job that was to remove the screws was in so tight i had to drill the tops of the screws to remove the heat sink)

    The WIFI antenna connection has 2 removable connections that go to the antenna

    The DIY M.2SSD slot

    The AP34 ultimate use's the same motherboard as Beelink M1 & im told the only differences is that M1 has VGA and AP34 doesn't.So that will be why you will see Beelink M1 on some of the test results and it is also printed on the PCB.

    Some photo's of the AP 34 ultimate

    On the front of the box is just the power led

    On the rear is the power button,12vDC input,1xUSB3,HDMI,RJ45,3.5MM headphone jack and the reset button.

    On the right hand side is another 2 USB3 ports,Full sized SD card slot and some vents

    On the left hand side is the WIFI antenna and more vents

    On the under side is the 4 rubber feet plus more vents

    IMO a metal case is a big help with cooling & love the cool blue on this AP34 Ultimate

    Right lets boot this beast up see what we have.

    Set up
    On the first boot of the AP34 Ultimate Took me to the windows setup, language product key etc etc (No need to enter a windows key here) just skip it for now then you will find it gets fully activated after the setup is compleat.I then got notified that there was a windows update (4GB) so i let that run, That Took over 2 hours to update and now i have the latest Windows Version 1703 Build 15063.413.


    My AP34 Ultimate is now showing around 40GB of free space in windows after all the latest updates.

    A quick video look at the AP34 Ultimate

    The Beelink AP34 Ultimate is a all metal square box with ventilation holes, Also a extra large aluminum heat sink on top of the PCB, Giving it a good chance to keep the unit cool and i can say it works very well indeed

    What works

    64GB & 128GB sd works
    128GB USB Stick
    Samsung 1TB unpowered HD works
    Tronsmart Mars G01 Gamepad works
    Logitech c270 webcam works

    The boot time on the AP34 Ultimate is around 30 seconds & that takes you straight to the main windows screen where your ready to go.The AP34 Ultimate has more than enough ventilation holes & with all the testing iv done the device has only ever got warm never what i would call hot.I think this is down to the nice sized heat sink thats fitted to the PCB.

    Some tech stuff


    CPU Z

    Crystal Disk


    Aida cache & memory benchmark

    Aida gpu benchmark

    AIDA stability test

    AIDA stability test stats


    Double Driver Back up!xHoEEAjR!yK2Ptav-LVtYrBNArwyOpw

    Bios back up!pKZQFQRa!13sF87GRV...OKSd4ib61fZgV0

    Unboxing Video

    Whats in the box

    1 x Beelink AP34 Ultimate Mini PC

    1 x Power adaptor

    1 x instruction manual

    2 x HDMI Cable (1 short,1 long)

    1 x Vesa mount to mount onto TV

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    Great review.

    Just about everything looks good about it except for the Crystaldiskmark results, which for an M.2 are less than one would hope for.

    But from the video, it does look like it is zippy enough, so perhaps not so much of a down side.

    And at long last, a box with no USB 2.0 ports.
    MXIII-G II, Chuwi Hibox, Nvidia Shield, NUC6CAYH