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N64-style controllers that work in Android?

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  • N64-style controllers that work in Android?

    I'm looking for an N64 style controller to play emulated N64 games on my android boxes. Preferably with a USB plug, There's tonnes of XBOX 360/PS3 style controllers for Android but I really want one with the exact same button/stick layout as the original N64 controller. I have found evidence of such things in the past on Amazon etc but they are all sold out (Link: )

    I do have a cheap N64 ripoff USB pad but it does not get detected in Android, so i'm looking for confirmation of one that does.

    I'm guessing it would help if it was X-Input compatible, as I think most of my boxes/apps can use that. Has anyone got any suggestions? Or if you have succesfully used a real N64 controller in Android with an adapter can you tell me which devices etc? Thanks!

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    I think your are looking for 8bitdo
    i never tried that one...

    i bought tronsmart mars...many years ago, still use it


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      Cool, yes I have seen the 8bitdo but I should have pointed out that I want a cabled controller as the 8bitdo requires Bluetooth. Tronsmart Mars is good, I have one of those already, but it is an Xbox style controller, not N64.


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        8bitdo: reads
        Both Bluetooth and usb connections are supported as the product comes with a 6 foot usb cable


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          OK, thanks! I read through it already and just didn't notice that it mentions working on USB too! I guess because they make such a big thing about it being Bluetooth foremost. It's a shame it's quite expensive compared to a generic Xbox style controller though, i'd like to get four for Mariokart, but beggers can't be choosers. If anyone can confirm a cheaper N64 style USB pad that works in Android then please share.