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PICK ONE OUT OF FOUR TV BOXES: GiveAway to Thanksgiving by winner is?

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  • PICK ONE OUT OF FOUR TV BOXES: GiveAway to Thanksgiving by winner is?

    Hello FreakTabber and Friends,

    As Thanksgiving Day is coming soon.
    Here is a good news to share with all of you: The
    Especially Thanksgiving Day promotion for FreakTab Forum begins from now on.
    Join the game to win FREE BOX
    —— Expiry Date: Nov.24th ——

    The Story
    It was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.
    Nowadays, people get together and celebrate it.
    It`s a great time to say thanks to your families, your friends or even a stranger.
    I know not every country has the tradition to celebrate Thanksgiving but we all have someone whom we want to say thanks.
    Thus, here is an event for it.

    The Winner - One box out of four
    ... has to pick one out of four of the awesome boxes listed below. Tough job.

    R-BOX PRO TV Box Amlogic S912 2GB 16GB
    Mini M8S II TV BOX S905 2GB 8GB
    A95X TV Box S905X 2GB 16GB

    So follow the links and think about it, but not too long, because the Winner will be picked on November 24th.
    Better you post bevor to win.

    And here comes the addon special chance to this Give Away:
    Beside the winner of one box out four we will select 4 of others to provide a extra discount between 10$ and 15$ to the boxes in the list above. Of course this is just a special offer.

    The Rules in Detail
    Just tell us to whom you want to say thanks this year.
    If you like, please tell us why.
    Then help us to pick out the favorite TV BOX on our site and post the link in your post.
    Why? Because we will give a special promotion for the most popular one of this contest.
    Click here to select→_→BOX

    An Example post to make it clear:
    Thank you dad, you are my hero
    My favorite TV Box is SCISHION V88 TV Box


    This Give Away Action will end on November 24thand the winners will be chosen at random.

    We wish you all the lucky post of the winners.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving Freaktabs,

    The winner is:
    Originally posted by cyber7 View Post
    I am 53 and thankful for my wife Andri who gave me a boy (22 months old) and expecting a second in January 2017! They are my life and my strength!
    I love the R-Box as I have a lesser model that is totally awesome:
    Please contact me and confirm the box you want again.

    And we
    provide a extra discount to 4 others participator:
    Originally posted by esloudan View Post
    Im most thankful for my parents. Ive had a few issues over the last year and a half and they have been there for me full circle.
    My favorite box is the R-Box Pro
    Special price:$48.98 to R-BOX PRO TV Box Amlogic S912 2GB 16GB
    Originally posted by drakulaboy View Post
    Thank you mom and dad for giving me a life, thank you people who is a part from my life and teaching me new things every day, and thank you FreakTab for helping me and others to be in a step with new technology.
    My favorite box would be V88 PLUS TV BOX RK3229 Quad-Core HD RAM 2G ROM 8G
    Link is:
    Special price:$20.98 to SCISHION V88 PLUS TV BOX
    Originally posted by soulfunkdjx View Post
    I want to thank my wife for being there for me in every bad and good times.
    My favorite tv box is Mini M8S II TV BOX S905 2GB 8GB
    Link ->
    Special price:$19.98 toMini M8S II TV BOX S905 2GB 8GB
    Originally posted by scropion86 View Post
    Thanks to my Wife and family to be beside me when i was not well
    favorite TV Box is A95X TV Box S905X 2GB 16GB
    Special price:$25.98 toA95X TV Box S905X 2GB 16GB

    The most popular one is R-BOX,so we will prepared a special promotion for that recendly,please keep your attention.

    All prize will given in 3 working days,If anyone have advice about our event , welcome to contact me.
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    My thanks must go to my wife for putting up with me this year!

    My favourite TV box is the 2/16GB S912 based T95Z Plus with honeycomb design and integrated clock. This would be a great replacement for my current S802 based MXIII.


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      Not only this moment, but all my life I'll be thankful to my wife for supporting me and stand by me in all the ups and downs of my career! I'm lucky to have her in my life!

      My favourite TV box is "Tronsmart Ara X5 Windows 10 Mini PC TV Box Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad Core 2G RAM 32G ROM 2.4Ghz/5Ghz LAN HDMI H.265"


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        I want to send special thanks to my parents for being the foundation of our family, the support they give me and all of my family, and the continued motivation to be and do better.
        My pick would be the A95X TV Box


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          All my thanks to my sister Barbara. She stayed by me, when I whas ill.


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            My heart felt thank go to my precious woman Kristi. She puts up with me, even tho shes seen the total ass I can be sometimes.
            She deserves the RBOX PRO TV Box Amlogic S912

            Sent from my LG-AS991 using Tapatalk


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              I want to thank my parents, without them I would not have been able to have the strength needed to be a good parent for my son.

              Would love to take the R-BOX PRO TV Box Amlogic S912 for a spin


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                Well, I think telling thanks to my parents or my kids is useless here since they would never read it
                Instead, I would like to say thank you to all the Chinese web stores which made it accessible and affordable to simple people like myself to enjoy the latest technological inventions!
                Thank you so much !
                I would like to own the R-BOX PRO TV Box Amlogic S912 2GB 16GB
                €83.29 - RBOX PRO TV Box Amlogic S912 Octa-core 2GB RAM / 16GB EMMC Flash Ultra Clear Network 5392738 2016. Shop for cheap TV Boxes online? Buy at on sale today!
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                  Thank you all my friends, you are helping me through the years
                  My favorite TV Box is SCISHION V88 TV Box


                  • #10
                    I wanna thank my gf for being so supporting, especially in the uneasy period I'm living right now.
                    And also thank you Freaktab team, you help a lot with your forum and just the hope of winning something like these tv boxes, or a tablet, or whatever, is something that boost me up. Good luck to everyone!
                    My favorite TV Box is SCISHION V88 TV Box


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                      Thank you father for all the love and care you gave us this year
                      my favorite TV Box is R-BOX PRO TV Box Amlogic S912 2GB 16GB
                      LINK :


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                        Thanks go to this forum with so many masters that solved the tough problems of those crappy tv box. My favourite box goes to: R-BOX PRO TV Box Amlogic S912 2GB 16GB


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                          I would like to thank my kids to letting me watch something else than cartoons on our TV dongle. As for the wish for TV BOX I would like to have R-BOX PRO TV Box Amlogic S912 2GB 16GB



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                            I would like to thank my wife Nadine she has been the rock that helped me through my Cancer treatments and put up with all the long hours she had put in being my caregiver shes my angel..... My favourite box goes to: R-BOX PRO TV Box Amlogic S912 2GB 16GB.....


                            • #15
                              So I be Like THANKFULLY 'N' Stuff for my totally boss familyha and a righteous shout out to my Girls and babies mama.
                              ​I'm going with the R-Box Pro with​​​​​​ all is mad processing power it Turtles the others.