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Freaktab software download Himedia Q5 question

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  • Freaktab software download Himedia Q5 question

    i am writing on this forum from suggestion from forum on
    i have a Himedia W5 duocore android media player. (32 bit) it has android software version 4,2,2 and is the latest firmware from Himedia
    himedia don't believe they will have any further upgrades
    is there software from Freaktab can be downloaded to upgrade this media player to android version 5 or higher? i am asking as upcoming kodi 17 for android requires android version 5 or higher


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    Can you confirm the model number, as in the title is states Q5 but then in the text, W5.


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      hello the specs from the Himedia

      modem Himedia Q5 Quad core ; Q5EN.2000

      Hi3798C Quad Core CPU Cortex-A9, Quad Core GPU
      arm v7 processor rev1 v71

      Android 4.4.2 API level 19 (kernel: Linux 3.10.0_s40)

      Firmware HMD-3.0.3 2015-12-11.095610

      Kernel 3.10.0_s40


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        I'm not aware of any updated firmware on here.

        It might also be worth looking at this forum to see if there is anything,


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          thanks i am new to freaktab, are the downloads in the download section general software or are they specific to a certain media player like possibly Zidoo ? ( i saw an ad in this site for Zidoo ). if yes it's for Zidoo is there a model you recommend or other media player you recommend? thanks


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            Downloads can be from all manner of sources and firmwares are more then often than not specific to a device.

            Recommending a media player would depend on exactly what functionality you want and how much you are prepared to pay.