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Disable ALL screen-dimming question

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  • Disable ALL screen-dimming question

    Hi, I have had a few android TV boxes and had the same issue on all all of them. When playing games the auto-screen dimming can be really annoying, for instance in a game with a dark or black background, Android decides to dim the screen so it's harder to see the characters. This is especially annoying in old games like space invaders etc that always have a predominantly black screen.

    I have been through all standard power-saving options on all my Android boxes, to try and stop all kinds of dimming and power saving, but have never been able to stop this from happening, it seems to be hard-coded into every version of Android i've had on every TV box i've had.

    Is there a universal answer to this, or does it require some kind of per-device hacks? Given the choice i'd rather not have to risk bricking it with hacks or install any performance-reducing third party apps that might offer a solution, but I understand they might be the only solutions.

    Thanks for reading!
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