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  • WINE for ARM64 Linux

    Hi all.... one of my main reasons for getting an android TV box I could run Linux on was having a dedicated Kodi box.... that could also run mIRC. Yes I know other options exist but I am going to keep using mIRC.

    Now obviously WINE is not meant for ARM64..... but it can be done. Surprisingly my T95X did not burn up or even get hot to the touch when compiling for hours on end. I did mine with the 16.04 Ubuntu Armbian.

    1. You need to install tools for development, like gcc, but you also need flex and bison, with
    apt-get install build-essential bison flex 2. Download Wine source code, navigate into the folder. 3. Type ./configure && make Wait 3-4 hours. You will be able to run Windows32 programs on your ARM64 box now. Don't use any programs that are intensive because it is resource intensive for an ARM to pretend to be a x86. It can handle mIRC and kodi or vlc at the same time so i am happy.