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KODI17 requires 5.1 Lolipop For M8 Box

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  • KODI17 requires 5.1 Lolipop For M8 Box

    hi is there an update for the M8 android box (KOT49H) to lolipop 5.1 im a bit pissed at people saying you have to buy a new box or stop on 16.1 because KODI 17 requires 5.1 sure somebody will come up with an update as there will be a lot of obsolete boxes!!!

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    You'll have to get a new box if Kodi is a priority.
    The M8 has abandoned over 2 years ago by the manufacturer.


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      You can (probably) install libre-elec with kodi17

      I did the same on my s802/s89 it works decent...if you know/learn its quirks ( note: kodi17 libreelec is still alpha)
      *currently you are better of using kodi16 (on android or libreelec)



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        you can stick android kodi .....ill just use it on laptop....guaranteed updates!!!!
        Last edited by figroll; 02-01-2017, 06:12.


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          Originally posted by figroll
          you can stick android kodi up there ******* arses!!!.....bunch a *****...ill just use it on laptop....guaranteed updates!!!!
          Kodi doesn't really support or acknowledge these Android boxes that come pre loaded often with bloatware and add-ons pre loaded. They've moved onto supporting only 64bit Android now, as for Windows it's all good to go. I also have a Windows box and tablet so I've got my bases covered.

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