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NAND Chip Mask ROM Mode Short Location

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  • XJH2018007
    V89 0431

    ? = cannot read the last character.

    SD-8848WB 1803


    • Someone can help me?
      TX2-R2 Brick after restore with RKbach Tool, maybe a wrong firmware I dont know.

      RK3229 with SANDISK NAND SDIN8DE2-16G, Anyone knows where is the ShortPins for this nand?



      • Click image for larger version  Name:	image_33255.jpg Views:	1 Size:	135.9 KB ID:	730006Click image for larger version  Name:	image_33256.jpg Views:	1 Size:	118.4 KB ID:	730007 Please short pins for this board? Its a Z69 Plus 3gb/32gb, Amlogic S912, I'v got a red light on and cant acces android reset, PC doesent recognise it in USB burning tool.


        • HELLP.
          Alfawise H96 mini
          Where are these contacts?


          • Originally posted by j0rdie View Post
            Managed to short the NAND for the Mecool KM8 P with the s912 chip and the Samsung KLMAG2WEPD-B031 eMMC. Originally the Amlogic burning tool was sticking at 4%, however a change of cable did the trick. So do persevere!
            Hey J0rdie, do you have a picture showing which pins to shortcircuit? Thx

            btw. when i only connect usb between pc and box, the box turns blue. So without power adapter connected.

            used an old xp machine and it worked, now i'm with the black screen and only moving mouse cursor screen.
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            • Please help me.
              My x96 is completely brick.
              The boot loader is destroyed and is not recognized at all by the burning tool.
              Finally, I want to try NAND Chip Mask ROM Mode Short.
              I would appreciate it if you let me know where I should short the pins.
              x96 s905x 2g 16g (q5x v2.1) 1415kae ( thgbmbg7d2kbail )Toshiba nand.
              I am not good at English and I appreciate your understanding.

              edit) Im happy. As a result of testing one by one, we confirmed that if we shorted 5 and 6, we enter the mask rom mode. I fixed the broken x96 today.
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              • I would aprecciate if someone could help me to recover a Mecool MS8PRO W that was bricked trying to update the ROM.
                Not sure the reason, but the TV Box doesn`t response. The most I get is a green screen when insert original firmware, but doesn´t load anything.

                I want to try try NAND Chip Mask ROM Mode Short. The chip (Samsung KLMAG2GEAC-B031) it seem to be the same recoverd by J0rdie, but the PCB shows a different layout most of pictures in this thread
                I would appreciate it someone could lead to where I should short the pins.