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    What I Like?
    - small form factor but should be very performant by the specs
    fanless design
    - Intel processor: N3450 should be better than x5-z8350 which i had used before
    - 8GB DDR3 RAM
    - Windows 10 compatible
    - numerous connectivity ports,
    - all USB ports are 3.0 and there are three of them which is more than on many laptops
    - dual band wifi + gigabit Ethernet should be more than enough for comfortable use in different applications and areas

    My previous experience with Beelink (Mini MXIII) was very positive, therefore I expect nothing less from AP34 too.

    Why should I get it?
    - I don't know... As you can see from my profile, I am long time member of this forum, and no... I did not register recently just to enter this competition.
    Now for real:
    I am a tech enthusiast, I like diy stuff. I would use it for two things:
    - Windows 10 for MS office and internet browsing on my TV in living room for my wife
    - as HTPC with Libreelec install if possible. Dual booting Libreelec and Windows 10 is something I would try to configure myself. If not possible, there is always Windows 10 Kodi version, but I prefer Libreelec for its speed.

    I am a regular visitor of your site and it helped me a lot in solving many problems with Amlogic TV boxes.
    In case I win this, I will write a detailed guide about installing and using Libreelec on this device as a small sign of gratitude and I will definitely try to contribute more to community.


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      At first i want to say that English is not my native language, so I apologize in advance if some words will be wrong

      Let's start...
      1) A have two TV Boxes in my home. One of them is Beelink. And I can confidencily say, the quality of Beelink box is much better then other. The cooling sistem is more efficient. Firmware is more stable. I hope all Beelink products are have the same great quality!
      2) I'm an inveterate traveler. As you know, Travel bag should be as light as possible. But there are situations when it's necessary to take work files and something for fun in travel. In every hotel there is a TV. That computer is the best solution! Small, powerful and light. The best option for a traveler like me!


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        1. The specs are impeccable in a well designed compact package, the matte blue color combined with naked chamfered edges is what makes it stand out for me.
        I learned to appreciate Beelink products quality and improving support over the past 2-3 years.
        2. This would be a nice gift for my daughters for school work plus family gaming, an appreciated upgrade from one old laptop for the whole family

        Good luck everyone!


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          I already own a Beelink GT1 and my computer is old - it can only afford Win XP installation..

          Ever way if I don't win it , I'll buy it.

          The specs are great : Intel processor: N3450, USB ports3.0, fan-less, which will enable me to program silently.

          I really trust Beelink to come up a well thought design - as far ergonomics and processors are concerned.

          Good luck !


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            1. The device looks good
            2. the specs are nice
            3. its my favourite color
            4. would be a nice addition to my home cinema


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              Amazing! It has a very sleek design and with the entire metal casing it will have an stable thermal management.
              My Old Acer laptop died on me and I need to replace it ASAP so this would be an excellent new gadget.
              With a mini form factor this will define a new level mobility.
              Thanks freaktab for the giveaway!


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                Hi all.

                I like this electric blue color (apart that is a great piece of tech)

                I do not know if i am the right person to win it but i would like to.



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                  -I like it because I like the mini pc idea and the performance to size ratio.
                  -I would love to win it because I need it. I don't have a desktop pc I only have an old dell laptop so I can use a stationary pc or I can use it with my dummy TV to make it smart


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                    1: I guess I just like the fact that its small and might be a chance for beelink to win me back.
                    2:after being dissapointed by the gt1 until super celeron made it great again I think this would be beelinks chance to win me back as a customer.


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                      What I like:
                      Windows 10 OS allows for some unique applications. (See Below)
                      Processor is fast enough.

                      THE ABILITY TO ADD M2 SSD!!

                      Why I should win!!

                      I would like to couple this unit with a RTL-SDR dongle and install SDR# software as well as other SDR programs.
                      This is a unique application for this type box and will make for expanded utilization this unit and the M! as well.

                      To all Freaktabers; "Good luck in the contest OM!".
                      icaps3 (aka 'zim' & K4IES)


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                        I think that this would be a great media device especially with the M.2 port for expansion!
                        Wonder if the bios could be set for dual/multi boot?
                        Could be just what I need!
                        My Beelink R89 is still running great (Wasser Rom) so I trust the quality of Beelink and the Intel Apollo Lake should have enough CPU power ...for now...


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                          I like this PC for its size. I never win anything.


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                            This would make a fantastic update to my aging home media server ... put me in as Very Interested !


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                              I struggled with various android tv boxes. I connect a webcam to my TV box. Video ok, no sound. I try various apps. Nothing works to get the sound.

                              I try and another expensive webcam, no joy.

                              I stand on my head in the corner wondering what to do. Sit rep still SNAFU.

                              Then it comes to me. I need a windows box, with it's wide accessory compatibility, to restore my sanity. I visit FT to look around and notice this gorgeous box and it's comprehensive review but looking all lonely and not connected to my TV.

                              If you want to give one away my way, it will find a good home.


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                                What's not to like. It's fast, pretty, reasonably priced, runs windows 10, small, well built and attractive has 4k graphics, a lot of memory and storage. Best attribute, made by Bee-link. I've used loved and supported their products for years. Great product support, forum support, troubleshooting and upgraded firmware.

                                Small platform with powerful windows,

                                Why I want it,
                                Blue is my favorite color
                                I am a supporter of Bee-link
                                I would like to visit the factory and China if I win
                                I haven't won anything before
                                If I win I will shout out with Glee, Leave Forum feedback, You Tube My Joy, Blog my Happiness and Do The Dane Of Joy.

                                As a Doctor I'd Rd this unit without reservations!!!⌨
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