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Beelink LightHome Launcher 6 versions to download

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  • Beelink LightHome Launcher 6 versions to download

    So I have backed up all versions on Beelink's LightHome Launcher, Thanks to bluesmanuk great person . Here are the 6 versions, all are apk files:

    This is only for Beelink TV boxes only:

    Kodi text button (for Kodi or ftmc)
    Qodi text button (for Kodi or ftmc)
    Qodi Movie Real text button (for Kodi or ftmc)
    Movie Player (worthless button)

    Beelink Sea stock HDMI button

    LightHome Launcer for most:

    LightHome.apk file where it works on most TV boxes, the thing is on this one the File Manager app button doesn't work. I wish I could find/fix this apk file so it works 100% but I am not that smart.

    I will edit this post soon because I am doing a YouTube Video on how to change the launcher so a person can pick and choose the one they like.!n1JClRST!sLq5N5Pfs...2g5uRhygILosrw

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    This is great, thanks a lot for your effort. Would really appreciate the instructions as I have tried some of the launchers in the .zip and failed to get them to work. I have tried both replacing the lighthome.apk file as well as installing it. Neither method has worked and I end up with a white screen after reboot (used other launcher while doing the replace or installation).

    Using Beelink GT1 with latest Nougat 7.1.2 build (the one with the "Movie Player" icon).

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      Here is a YouTube video on how to install the Beelink Launcher the right way:

      Enjoy your version.


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        Thanks a lot



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          Tested this method and it works as long as you are on Android 6.0.x release. It does not work with Android 7.x.x releases as the launchers in the downloadable pack are not compatible.

          An easier way than you describe in the video to change the launcher on Android 6.0.x is to just install the .apk file of your choice as an update to the already installed Lighthome launcher. It will then change into the one you selected without necessity to move/delete files etc.



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            Hello there

            I tried to download the file on mega but it seems the file has been deleted.
            Can you please reupload it ?

            Thanks in advance


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              my last(already recently sent back to the my vendor)

              "LightHome" issue

              when I set some of settings such as "Display size">>>"default factory set" if you select Large/Larger etc., then you never sort out
              from this menu! or you return but you got on your main screen a warning>>> LightHome should be closed...... bla bla bla WTF!

              if you press OK button it disappear but when you go another page etc., again appear!! WTF

              solution;RESET and Factory reset!!

              I tried might be more than 10 times!

              beside some of BUGs too!

              just worst Box so it was sent back

              "Picture Quality"> from Kodi or other Players;sucks! I tried lot of players over the Kodi but almost same!

              Lot of freezes! especially when you watch from HDD/MemoryStick!

              Fastforward-Rewind(when movie playing) just worst!

              Generally device is fast even very fast;"3GbDDR4" look very good in practice but mostly "on the paper"!

              So device is very fast>>>>but you get lot of "accidents" too!

              Launcher is bad or so simple;I didnt like it
              "LIGHTHOME" so GOOD!!

              Sorry guys thats my little story with amazing Box GT1 Ultimate