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External keyboard and alternate language input (and Kodi)

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  • External keyboard and alternate language input (and Kodi)

    Hello, all

    I got myself an M8S Pro with Android 7.1.x.
    Connected a wireless (via USB dongle) keyboard to it.
    Everything works fine except for... umm... language switching.

    I'm trying to use it with Cyrillic (as second language/layout) and even though I see the 'layout switched' bubble notification, I don't get second language letters appear in the input fields when I type in the alternate layout. And visually the on-screen keyboard doesn't switch the layout (until I explicitly 'click' the icon to switch).
    But even after I 'mouse click/tap'-switch the layout visually, still nothing appears in the input fields when I type on the external keyboard.

    Basically, English/Latic characters work, Cyrillic do not.
    This is what's happening with Android AOSP keyboard (the virtual one).

    I tried to install a third-party app which kind of 'intercepts'(?) the input and converts the input on the fly.
    This way it works with most applications in the system, but not Kodi (17.6 is the version).

    Do you know if this is a deficiency of:

    - Android itself (so that w/o 3rd-party apps alternate input is not recognized at all). May be I need to download/install custom ROM for the box which will fix the issue?
    - or Kodi, so that I need to seek help on the Kodi forum? But would I still need to use a 3rd-party app for keyboard language switching?