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  • My "Dream" setup

    I am working on a system for navigation that uses a tablet, along with a laptop, and for me as triple redundancy, a cell phone. When I'm at sea going into a strange port, under less than ideal conditions, the last thing I want is a failure of some sort in my navigation equipment. Yes, every mariner should know basic nav skills using visual aids, but with todays advancement in technology its just silly not to utilize every resource available.

    Most of us have a laptop, tablet, and smart phone. All can be turned into a very powerful gps chartplotter with little or no expense. These devices are also able to be used for other things as well, unlike those stand alone systems, once again increasing the overall value of the system. Its a no brainer to me.
    My tablet will be my go to chartplotter mounted on an arm from inside. That way it can be viewed from the salon or swung around to face the cockpit, either for that midnight crossing as a plotter, or that late night movie in the anchorage with netflix.

    Right now I can use my laptop with Open CPN (free chartplotter) to get an NMEA data feed. I use this with my ST1000 tillerpilot for true hands free navigation. My true goal is to be able to have Open CPN on my tablet and do away with the need for the pc.

    For more info on OpenCPN go here:

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    Since this is open source and can be compiled under Linux, it's possble it could be compiled and made into an APK for Android. The Android SDK and dev tools are freely downloadable from Google.

    However here is an interesting linkup from your Tablet to you laptop. Go to the Market and get Remote RDP. This will allow your Android tablet to open up a remove UI to your laptop so you see you laptop screen on the Android screen!

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      Wow, exactly what I was looking for, and I know this tech is just scraping the iceburg of future possibilities!!