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Open CPN on Tablet -------HELP NEEDED

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  • Open CPN on Tablet -------HELP NEEDED

    We have an ongoing project getting the internal GPS to work with these tabs.

    Your help would be much appreciated.

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    Fifty views, no responses. Not promising.
    Btw, for background.
    Opencpn is an open source chart plotter, navigational software.

    It can be controlled by a tablet remotely already by using a VCN, but having the ability to run the program itself on a low draw piece like a tab has it's distinct advantages over a traditional laptop or netbook.

    Once again, any help is much appreciated.


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      I think there is not that many looking to do this on Android. I read the other forum you linked and it looks easy but you need an APP developer to do this conversion. Might I ask you contact and PM Freaktab user Petrus and ask him if he would be willing to work on it? Just a suggestion.

      Also, of the many GPS units I have from my old marine days, by using vendor tools you can switch the output between NEMA and standard. Not to ask a dumb question, but the new NAV units wont let you do that? Has anyone even tried that in the units menu system? My older garmin XL would allow me to easily set output as one or the other.

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        Android is Android, should work fine. "Bricking" your device is possible anytime you go to root your device, but a lot of tips for tablets can be found here.
        It's a buddies site and he created a Marine section for me but I've had more on plate getting the boat ready for cruising. Any additions to what I've put there is more than welcome