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Review TV-Box RK3368: Ugoos UT-4

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  • Review TV-Box RK3368: Ugoos UT-4

    The Ugoos UT-4 is a new TV-Box based on Rockchips rk3368 platform. So far nothing special, but we will see that this small white metal box has some interesting features. Thanks to Ugoos for the test sample.
    After the first boot check the Firmware version. You need to flash to version 0.03b. I had the Older version 0.01b, which is not ready to support all features of th UT-4, by example the fan will be not controlled in the early version of the Firmware
    The TV-Box comes in white metal design with a black Ugoos logo with a pleasant grip. It has a power button that allows you to start and shut down the box.

    Click image for larger version

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    Tech Specs and Connections
    Click image for larger version

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    Special features
    As noticed above the UT-4 has activ controlled fan for cpu and gpu and the Box get only a little bit warm, even after hours of running kodi in full hd.
    In the settings of the Ugoos firmeware you will find a special Ugoos section where you can control the fan, adjust customized rooting/unrooting for the box (Yes, this box has some rooting option on board in the firmware), a monitoring for the cpus can be set to visible in the launcher bar.

    For all, who like to investigate the Firmware in detail, you will find some documentation from Ugoos inside, what they have changed to Standard Android 5.11 - a lot to learn.

    Firmware properties
    Ugoos come up with their own launcher, but you can switch the firmware to an standard android launcher. I needed some time with the Ugoos launcher interface, but then it is a useful feature and you can customize the design after your own taste. I have choosed a black and white theme.
    Let Kodi some minutes do their updates after the first start, then it works fast and stable, but I have only tested it up to Full HD. Installed is kodi 15.2rc, you may need to update to 15.2 stable, but careful you need a kodi version with Rockchip support. I had some trouble with my logitech k400r, because the Return button does his job only in combination with the function button. Once I figured it out, it was no problem.
    Youtube is a surprise with Full HD out of the box, because it needs often some adjustments in other boxes before it is possible.
    The Audio sound over the AV connection is very powerful and balanced. I had no luck pairing BT-Audio with my Phillips headphone. Paring does not complete with my gamepad and my logitech mini keyboard. In fact this means the firmware needs an update with a fix for Bluetooth.
    I couldn’ check gaming on this device, because BT is not ready for an android controller.

    Ugoos Inside
    I know some of us need a first look into a device, before they can trust the box to accomplish a first boot. Leave the box closed this time, I have made the pictures for you.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	UgoosUT4inside1.jpg
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    Benchmark Tests
    Antutu reaches 39122
    Epi Citadell 59 fps
    This Ugoos box show with the RK3368 a very good performance with some extra feature, you can’t find in other boxes. It stays cool and did a stable job for me. Hopefully Ugoos can fix the BT issue, but except of this point all works fine for me and I could recommend this box for all who like have a box above standard with some extra features.
    Controlled Fan
    CPU Monitoring

    Rooting/Unrooting option in the firmware
    Extra Ugoos Launcher
    Bluetooth does not pair

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    Nice box. ..