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Oukitel K4000pro - a working class hero

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  • Oukitel K4000pro - a working class hero

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    First time I had this phone in my hands, I was impressed by the very solid design. Okay, thats why they called it an outdoor smartphone. The base is a strong metal frame with an extra thick gorilla glass. For those who need proof how good the design protect the phone from destruction, watch this video I found on youtube.

    Hammer And Nails

    Who needs more fun? Okay, here comes
    The Orange Hammer

    I would never recommend to use this phone as hammer , but as you can see some people believe it is a good idea to proof resistance against any violence. On the other hand the video was useful for me. After I watched it, I decided to pull down the glas protection plastic from the phone, because it takes brightness. After that the screen shows his real colors much better.

    Back to the more secure tech specs
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    Power Phone
    Of course it is not a gamer smartphone, because of the low frequency design of the MTK 6735p. This phone has another goal - power efficiency. It optimizes the battery life of the amazing 4600 Ah battery pack. For an average use you donít need to charge it every day. I would assume 2-3 days without recharging it, would be enough. At least for the very tough users you will get for sure through the day.
    The phone comes with a weight of 240g, because of the battery pack and the solid design, but it feels good to have a device with a good grip in your hand. Of course this a matter of taste and maybe small hands are better for a more filigree design than the Oukitel k400pro.

    Screen and handling
    The screen has a standard hd resolution with cripsy colours and a very responsive touch. It is only a quad core, but in fact I couldnít notice that with all standard application for text, video and sound. The antutu test shows 24114 points, but the octacore phones I had in my hands before were not more responsive in the standard applications.
    From the k4000 some noticed a weak GPS. Thats not the case for me with the K4000pro. Wlan is fast. The audio sound from the speakers is good and loud for an internal speaker, on the headphone of course I got a more balanced sound with enough bass for my AKG Studio headphones. For extra bass you need a helping headphone like my Sony V55.
    BT works, only BT audio had some drop outs with my Phillips headphone. Maybe the headphone does not fit well with the K4000pro. Anyway Oukitel will update android and I will check this again and post the result here.
    The front camera shows good results with the 8MP true resolution.

    It is not a real outdoor handy, but for sure nearly solid as a rock when it goes down to the floor, but you better keep dirt and water away from this working class hero. I donít think the K4000pro would like it.
    Oukitel announced Android 6 for their K4000pro, marshmellow is announced for the k4000pro.

    Very solid design
    4600Ah battery with a low usage CPU
    very responsive touch
    low price
    LTE with all frequencies

    BT audio possible with drop outs


    Thanks to for the test sample.

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    PS.: Off topic I found a video for those who like a very special way to look inside the k4000pro. I promise, you would not need to understand what they want to say - cruel.

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