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Chuwi Vi8 Plus Review by Neomode

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  • Chuwi Vi8 Plus Review by Neomode

    ​Chuwi Vi8 Plus Review - An 8" Windows 10 Tablet.

    First of all i will say thank´s to for Sending me the Tablet for a Review.

    Between the extremely cheap tablets, the most interesting devices are the ones equipped with Windows, due to the potential good versatility of Windows on Cherry Trail Tablets.
    Windows for the possibility to be used as a laptop-replacement and the complete compatibility with all x86 softwares and Microsoft Office documents.

    Here in the followings are the technical characteristics of the tablet:

    - 8GB, 1280 x 800 pixel IPS display
    - Intel Atom x5-Z8300 quad-core processor
    - Windows 10
    - 2GB of RAM
    - 32GB of eMMC storage
    - microSD card slot
    - micro HDMI port
    - 802.11b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0
    - 2MP front and rear cameras
    - 4,000 mAh battery​

    Also the Tablet have a USB-C Port that is realy new Feature that i like, because the Connector is more robust then the Micro USB and you can Plugin it like you want.
    I have tested the Tablet now for more than a Week and i am impressed by it.

    The Touchscreen and the Working Speed of the Tablet is good. Also the Preinstalled Windows 10 where Setup correct and Works like it should.
    It where easy for me to grab Windows 10 Updates and Download other Languages the English.
    The Intel Cherry Trail is a good compromise of performance and battery drain for low-middle class devices.
    In this case the use of an Intel SoC is useful to guarantee complete x86 compatibility to allow Windows 10 home functionalities as on a Desktop PC.

    Dimensions and Build quality:

    With a weight of 340gr (measured) it’s not the lightest tablet I’ve seen, considering also the battery of 4000mAh.
    So probably some of the extra weight is due to the internal heatspreader that helps reducing SoC produced heat that during all tests have been kept always under control.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    The back cover is made of plastic with a “fingerprint” finishing to increase grip. The tablet as soon as you get it on your hand gives a feeling of solidity.
    The reduced bezel size improve screen-to-size ratio, and makes its overall dimension similar to a 9.7” display device of other brands.
    Build quality
    is good for the price with no squeaks’ or crunches. All the tablet plastics are well assembled: no dust under the screen (common on ultra-cheap Chinese devices),
    no dead pixels, no problems or malfunctions of every button.

    Surprisingly Windows logo on the bottom is not only cosmetic.
    It has the following functions:

    - In Windows (desktop mode) is used to open “start menu”
    - In Windows (tablet mode) is used to go back to main page of the Windows Tiles

    Display and TouchScreen:

    The display is a common IPS with a resolution of 1280x800 (16:10 ratio). Not a bad resolution for an 8” tablet.
    It helps reducing weight and increasing battery life and general performance.
    The Touchscreen has a good sensitivity and is perfectly able to detect 10 simultaneous touches.


    Pairing any device on Windows is a very easy job. Also pairing a Bluetooth speaker deactivate the integrated speaker of the tablet correctly.

    Thanks to the plastic cover of the tablet there are no issues or limited sensitivity for wifi. Connection is established quickly and kept stably.
    Network of my neighbors can be easily seen too.

    Every MicroSD I’ve inserted have been recognized correctly on both OS. Unfortunately I haven’t had the possibility to test MicroSD bigger than 16Gb.

    Micro HDMI:
    Need an adapter from micro-HDMI to HDMI to be connected to the TV, so I’ve ordered the adapter, I will upgrade this review as soon as I receive it.

    Earphone jack:
    Works correctly deactivating integrated speaker.

    Boot times:

    Boot times are generally good and similar to other competitors:
    Cold boot on Windows: 25 sec to lock screen.

    Usability / Stability / Performances:

    The real plus of the use of a Intel Atom x5-Z8300 quad-core processor​ is the compatibility with x86 OS.
    On a tablet, having a complete version of the Microsoft Windows 10 Home x86 is interesting:
    • with Windows 10 Home fully licensed, the OS will be always updated through Windows Update
    • it is possible to install via BT or USB a keyboard and mouse, converting the device in a laptop that can really improve personal productivity.
    • the presence of Micro-HDMI with the possibility to use a bigger screen raises the multitasking ability of Windows.
    Windows update is fully functional so on this device OS obsolescence will not be a problem. General performance in Windows are good, no lag or stuttering even opening multiple windows.
    Browsing with Edge is good, the possibility to open multiple windows for Copy-paste operation is an interesting capability.
    On windows 10 going from tablet mode to desktop mode is easy: sliding from right to left appears the notification center with tablet mode / desktop mode button.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	atom-x-series-2.png
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    More Info on the CPU you find there


    On Windows movies up to 4K are played perfectly, also possible to work with other applications while 4K movie is playing without any stuttering.
    This is amazing for such a cheap device.

    Battery life:

    Use: 4-6 hours in normal use
    Movie playback: 6:45 of continuos playback with brightness at 50% and wifi deactivated
    Stand-by Windows 10: lose 0,5% every hour
    Charging Time: 2 hours with wall charger (2Amp), 3 hours with USB


    The flexibility of an Windows 10 device, considering the extremely low street price of around 100USD there are no other issues to not consider this tablet.
    It’s extremely cheap, can be used as a Desktop as soon as you connect keyboard and mouse on Windows 10, all connections work properly, WiFi sensitivity is very good and stable,
    movie playback is perfect up to 4K.

    Thanks again to Chuwi to give me the Tablet for a Review!

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    Thanks for the review. How is the sound level of the integrated speaker?
    Looking forward to seeing how it does on external display, when your adapter arrives.
    Khadas VIM(S905X), Beelink R68 II(S912), GOLE1(Intel Z8300), NEXBOX T10(Intel Z8300), Ugoos UT3(RK3288) and UT3+(RK3288), R-Box(RK3229-2GB/8GB), Tronsmart S95 Meta(AMLS905), Inphic i7(S905), UBOX(AMLS805), Q7(RK3188T)


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      Hello RISCy Dude ,

      The Sound Level on the Internal Speaker is ok.



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        What about Chuwi Vi8 Dualboot tablet? What is the difference between windows only Vi8 plus and dualboot Vi8 plus tablet?


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          neomode I have the chuwi vi8 plus tablet and now is dead.I don't understand that in my tablet the battery life was only 3 hours maximum with 0% brightness and power saving mode.After using for 9 month my tablet don't work anymore,It's dead but when i put the tablet in charge the tablet is hot .If anyone have this tablet please don't connect to HDMI because I connected the tablet to PC monitor with HDMI adapter and only I was hearing the sound and in device manager on tablet menu i saw display driver but nothing on my PC monitor.After I have unplugged the HDMI adapter and have used my tablet about 1 hour I have trayed to shut down the tablet but the tablet rebooted.I shut down again tablet and i lefted (maybe the tablet have rebooted again and drained the battery).Next morning i have tryed to power on the tablet but the tablet was unable to power on.I putted the charger and the orange light blink but after leaving more than 10 minute on charger i have trayed to power on by pressing power button but the orange light don't blinked anymore and the tablet was dead.I have trayed pressing the power button many time and volume down and up combinated with power button.I have opened the tablet and removed and soldering the positive wired of battery from board of chuwi tablet.I have trayed another battery and still the tablet is dead.I saw many forum and i think that the problem is on bios of chuwi tablet.The tablet may have putted in sleep mode (hibrate) state by HDMI adapter and the only solution is to flash the bios chip.I am very disappointed with this tablet PC.

          Sorry for my english
          Last edited by tani666; 11-25-2016, 10:35.


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            RISCy Dude For my opinion the sound of internal speaker in this tablet is mediocre.If you use headset you will hear great bass and cross talking effects (stereo effects) but from time to time you will hear a little noise in background Is not bad with headset).The noise in the background is from interference because the internal audio chip is not isolated and the noise is coming from internal 32 GB memory chip.

            fishbone The difference between the single version and the dual version is that the single version have more free memory(the local disk c have about 21 GB free memory ) than the dual boot version .The dual boot version is good because the android ROM work very well.The bios version in the single and dual boot vi8 plus tablet is different and for now is not posible to install full android OS on single version .


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              neomode You have writed that Charging Time is : 2 hours with wall charger (2Amp) and 3 hours with USB.My tablet charging time with original charger 2 Amp that comes with tablet was about 4 hour (in all forums the charging time with original 2 Amp charger is more than 3 hour ,only in payed review is 3 hour ).I think that you don't have tested the charging time because is not possible to charge this tablet with usb in 3 hour because the battery capacity is from 4000 mah to 5200 mah (maybe can be charged with usb about 6 hour but is not possible to charge in 3 hour) .
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                See my chuwi vi8 plus battery photo.If you search in web you will see that is chi hi8 3263156 model 5000 mah (4000mah-5000mah).


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                  The Battery's of every Tablet can be broke.
                  Even mine not working like on the first Days.
                  But you can buy new ones without any problem.



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                    The problem is that i have tested the tablet with new battery for chuwi vi8 plus ( and more than 3 other difrent battery with 3000 mah and 4000 mah capacity) and still my chuwi vi8 plus was dead.I have readed many forums and all pointed to bios problem (dead sleep mode) on windows 10 on tablet pc.I saw on youtube video of flashing dead bios chip with some usb adapter and this was fixed the chuwi vi8 problem.For now i have laptop with core i7 so i don't need tablet pc but i will tray maybe for 3 month to flash dead bios.I think that my chuwi vi8 plus is not damaged and the battery is ok.


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                      I think it is also the battery and not the bios.
                      Maybe the Battery is empty.