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  • Tarnomat VPN router

    A longtime ago... There was my favourite show called GadgetShow
    Sadly, you could only watch the UK and im not a citizen of the Uk
    That made me choose a VPN Service.. that hides/spoofs your location to UK (12 country optional)
    The big issue...was that some of my Android tvboxes/sticks came without VPN support (tun.ko)
    So, i asked.. if there was a router that could be used a VPN client
    So came the idea
    First tests... where using a modded fritzbox
    Few months ago... The VPN Service provider came with there own Router called: Tarnomat
    The tarnomat 25 is 650mhz mikrotek hAP wireless N router that gives you :
    data encryption / Firewall / hack protection / Anonymous surfing / Virus protection / Ad blocking
    Mine came in today... and here is my review/testing

    After ordering...the box came in 2days
    opening the box.. DC 5v 1A and Router in 3 pieces (front plate/pcb/backplate)
    After connecting the box to my existing fritzbox... like this:

    Lan worked out of the box, Showip stated i was in Germany... (im not)
    Wifi.. was online...but could not login
    Using the can change your router i set a wifi password
    After this i could login..without issue (please note, that the site language is currently only in German)
    You can enable/disable the antivirus/adblocking ect...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2016-10-22-16-56-59.png
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    choose your fake country (i choose Uk...but there are 14 chooses)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2016-10-22-16-58-09.png
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    The Wifi.. range is average (less then fritzbox and Xiaomi) as expected as the device has no external antenna
    Speed tests show a good speed...on most servers/country's

    First week
    My connection speed is 2mbit... (thats what Settings state) still no issues watcing Sd/720/1080p5.1
    *But...Ookla Speedtest.. says my connection speed is about 25mbps and im in London

    **i download a test virus file Eicar... it download without issues (something is wrong)
    ***After the first week... the speed dropped to 2mbit (for real)

    Week 2 Current
    *trying to upgrading to 25mbit.. is the 3months subscription of 25euro.. changed to 5euro, when i tried to pay?
    *well.. Settings now state 25mbit, but Ookla/router says 1.8mbit / virus test still fails
    **looks like i'm the beta tester (its still work in progress... it seems)

    Opened up a ticked for support... and it got fixed... (the speed )
    Eicar test file.. also got stopped (but not allways depending on site )

    Some nice protection for my many Android devices
    i can now remove the openvpn client app on most of my devices
    Wifi speed is good (depending on device ) / lan ( about 100mbit)

    Wifi range limited.. (perhaps a mod could fix, or is it conflicting with other routers?)

    The Tarnomat 25 has a 25mbit internet access limit, to get 25mbit you need to buy a service monthly contract
    if you only buy the router...your speed is limited to 2mbit (see site for pricing)
    There is also a Tarnomat 50 for those wishing more speed

    Cheers ( add more)
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