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  • iPazziPort Mini Wireless Keyboard

    Today I received this keyboard in the post, to checkout what these funny looking shaped things with too many buttons are like to use.
    Well My first impression out of the box it's Mini, but found it to be useable, and very Bright with the Colour Backlight Display.

    Click image for larger versionName:	8pdSyQF.pngViews:	1Size:	180.7 KBID:	660745

    In the Box we have the Keyboard, Instruction Manual, Usb Cable for charging.

    In the back we can see the Battery and Dongle for 2.4ghz

    And the Bits scattered for that artistic look

    Very easy to set up on a Media Player I was testing

    Paper tab cover battery terminal don't forget to remove.
    Plug dongle into Media Player, and it's all done in an instant

    Size of Unit 147mm x 96mm for those that still use miles 5 3/4 inches x 3 3/4

    Now just to sort out what hidden tricks it has, and I do hope I can find a Dim button for the leds.
    All controls as seen on keyboard work in Android so far 100%
    FN & F2 turns on and scrolls thru the LED colours.

    Unit is small and not to bad as they are buttons, you do get a good feel and buttons have a good click to them.
    Centre Pad works well as a mouse, double tap to click or numerous other places to suit your feel
    Right direction Pad for Clicking thru desktop, and Ok Button is slightly raised
    Left Top Pad with Volume and FF and Rewind yet to confirm.

    First impressions only so far but pretty happy with what I see
    I will use it over the next few days and see how it all ends up unless the cat drags it of to some unknown
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    Forgot to mention, Power on Switch on Shoulder as USB port for charging Click image for larger version

Name:	e.png
Views:	1
Size:	197.8 KB
ID:	660756
    And A bit of Colour, Blue, and red and green
    Click image for larger version

Name:	f.png
Views:	1
Size:	205.4 KB
ID:	660757

    3 round indicators above Esc F1 etc.
    Multi functional
    A Cap Lock, an indication led that things are being type/connected and Battery warning and Charging
    The Mention that it was bright,
    Sitting in a dark room and then Wham on it glows..was the criticism intended
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      Got something similar myself with the backlit keyboard, although just white available on mine.

      This particular iPazzPort variety is priced at pretty much the same level as all the no name devices, so worth buying if in the market for one.

      Better practical use in Android than Windows as the trackpad, whist a generous size, can often require repeated scrolls to get around a full Windows desktop but still, overall a great little thing to have if you are a Windows user, especially at the price point that you are likely to find it at.

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        Been using this IPazzPort Mini while testing other units, just getting my head around the locations of things etc is the only downfall so far..
        Works well and easy to use even with my Gorilla Fingers, three finger swipe fingers overhang a bit but works fine.
        Typing no troubles good feel from these small buttons

        As Mentioned Above, Quality of iPazzPort products are good, and Price is good Under $10.00, with coupon

        Add a bit of colour into your Life, good for Android, rid yourself of the mundan remotes and Plug this in...easy
        Never worry about a remote.conf again.

        One you put it in Colour mode Fn & F2 stays illuminated for about 20~30 seconds if not used then off, any key press brings the illumination.

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