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Review of the Cube iPlay 9, a budget friendly Android Tablet from Cube

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    Review of the Cube iPlay 9, a budget friendly Android Tablet from Cube

    Hello guys,

    This is Convictech and in this review i' m gonna present you a budget friendly tablet from Cube

    It is called the Cube iPlay 9 and let's get to it

    In The Box
    The tablet comes in a medium sized brown box with the ALLDOCUBE logo written on it and inside we find
    • The tablet itself
    • A MicroUSB data and charging cable
    • A User's Manual in Chinese and English Languages
    • A Warranty Card written in Chinese and a Quality Control Pass Card which means that the tablet has succesfully passed the Quality Control tests and is ready to hit the market

    That is a very good move from Cube and i hope that all Chinese companies will start to include these cards in their products, offering piece of mind to the consumer and letting him know that the product they bought is not on the Chinese "hit or miss" list

    The package contents are on the poor side but considering the price which is currently at 89,99$ or 75,4€ we shouldn't be complaining

    Looks, Ports & Build Quality
    The Cube iPlay 9 is a beautiful and well built tablet for the price made by aluminum and plastic

    It feels great and solid in the hand giving us the impression that we are holding a much more expensive piece of hardware

    It is white and the front part is mostly covered by the non laminated 9,6" ips lcd screen which despite it's somewhat low resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, delivers great colours and contrast

    The 0.3 mpx front facing camera found on the top part of the screen provides below average performance though

    The back of the tablet is silver and made by aluminum with the Cube HD logo written in the middle in Chinese and the top part houses the 5 mpx camera as well as the MicroSD and normal sized dual sim card slots covered and protected by a white plastic cap

    On the left side we have nothing

    On the right side we have the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the power on/off button, the volume rocker and the microphone

    On the top we have the MicroUSB charging port

    And on the bottom we find the dual stereo speakers as well as the second microphone

    The Cube iplay 9 has some very impressive specs for the price which are
    • CPU: Quad Core MediaTek MTK6580 running at 1.3GHz
    • GPU: Mali-400 MP
    • OS: Android 4.4.2 but can be upgraded to Android 5.1
    • RAM 2GB
    • ROM 32GB
    • Screen: 9.6" IPS LCD Capacitive Touch Screen
    • Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels
    • Front Camera 0.3MP
    • Main Camera: 5.0 megapixel with Auto Focus

    Screen Quality
    As i mentioned earlier, the screen is a 9.6" IPS LCD Capacitive Touch Screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels

    As we can see, despite it's low resolution it offers very good viewing angles, clarity and colour reproduction

    The touch response is not very sensitive though and i found myself having to press twice on the same spot to register the touch

    This might very well be a software issue that can be solved by upgrading to Android 5.1

    I don't know what kind of glass Cube uses but it will be protected because the tablet comes with a preinstalled screen protector

    Camera Quality
    The Cube iPlay 9 despite being a very good tablet, it's worst part by far are it's cameras

    Both of the cameras give very bad results and to my eyes are totally unusable

    We can understand that Cube wanted to lower the tablet's cost but they could at least include a better main camera

    Battery life
    Battery life is average giving me about 3.5 hours of screen time with moderate usage and two active sims

    I am sure that updating the tablet will give you more juice because as we all know Android 5.1 has a much better power management than Android 4.4.2

    Keep in mind that this is a dual sim tablet and having two active sims will kill your battery faster

    GPS Performance
    The GPS performance is excellent giving me a 3D fix and locking position in just a few seconds providing a great driving companion when you don't know your way

    I ran some benchmarks to see how the device performs and the results were not so good

    You can expect that by a such a low budget tablet but it gets the job done

    Real World Performance
    Real world performance is ok although i expected more from a Quad Core CPU and browsing through the Web is great despite the minor lag present

    Watching youtube videos on this screen is great though without any lag at all

    Gaming Performance
    The gaming performance is average but in some games like Asphalt Extreme: Rally Racing the pixels are more than obvious due to the low res screen

    Modern Combat 5 though, runs perfectly fine without graphic or frame rate problems

    The Cube iPlay9 starts to show its age but that is expected due to its very low price point

    Is will be more that enough for regular usage but don't expect it to be comparable with other high end tablets

    If you are on a budget and want a tablet with great screen, phone capabilities, dual sim function and very good gps then go for it, but if you want something more powerful to play games or run very heavy tasks then i don't recommend it

    • Screen size, quality and color reproduction
    • Price
    • Dul Sim
    • MicroSD Card Slot
    • Build Quality
    • Very good and accurate GPS
    • Good Sound Quality

    • Screen resolution
    • Camera Quality
    • Average Performance
    • Battery Life

    For more information visit the Official Cube Webpage and find other great gadgets as well

    You can find it available from these sellers

    Watch my Video Review

    Review English
    Review Greek

    I hope you liked my review, stay tuned for more and as always for more unboxings, reviews and tutorials subscribe, share and follow me:

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