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What are hidden gems android apps?

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  • What are hidden gems android apps?

    anybody ?

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    Originally posted by markk View Post
    anybody ?
    they are apps that are little known but are really good . just google it
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      YouTube (old version...without ads/ restrictions watching)
      andftp (old version without ads , its a ftp client)
      Free ftp server ( found at F-droid - ftp server that only activates when connected to known WiFi networks, non default port)
      Ms word ( old version, No need to login to 360 to edit doc)
      androidtuner (must tweak everything)
      adaway (must remove ads)
      Netguard ( found at f-droid : allow or not allow sorten apps to connect to the web)
      Day & night live wallpaper ( paid : just eye candy)
      Ezpdf ( paid: wort the money..)
      Usb audio player pro ( paid: hear radio / files / etc with the best quality using USB DAC )
      jetaudio plus (paid: if you phone has flat audio...DSP brings new life )
      petrus reboot ( quickly reboot to recovery/ trrw / etc)
      spmc ( works on most systems better then off.kodi )
      AINUR Audio ( found at xda : if your device/Os supports it)
      viper4android ( if supported by Os)
      LBA security ( is a great tools..eng version is on xda)
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        thanks guys


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          thanks you Mitchell4you, you rally help me too