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Gearbest usernames and passwords leaked online

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    Gearbest usernames and passwords leaked online

    I guess this is the correct place to post this, I'm not sure.

    At least 150 Gearbest usernames and passwords have been leaked online according to a sub on Reddit and AndroidAuthority seem to have verified it.

    Gearbest have known about the leak for roughly a week, and so far seem, uninterested.

    Reddit Link -

    Android Authority Report -

    It goes without saying, if you think your account has been compromised, and if you use the same details on other sites, it may be wise to change your password on all of those sites.

    If you want to check if your account has been compromised, check it here

    Dear Valued Customers,

    We kindly bring your attention to the fact that some unidentified hackers gained large amounts of personal data from other websites and are trying to use this data to deceptively sign into Gearbest. Immediately after identifying this irregularity, we have frozen a few hundred affected accounts and updated our IT system for suspicious IPs. The situation is completely under control.

    However, for your personal account security, we kindly recommend that you change your password if you feel that it is too simple (password with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols are considered to be more complex). At the same time, we also recommend that you do not use the same email address and password on different websites.

    We will always be 100% committed to maintain our website as a safe and reliable place for your guaranteed shopping experience.

    If you have any queries or may need any assistance, please contact our Support Team:

    Yours Sincerely
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      Thanks For the Heads up on the Leak.

      Its Safe To Assume that Gearbest Does not practice basic web application security, Just look at the way they responded to this message.

      If your Account was Compromised in the Gearbest Leak, Change all your passwords on other sites.

      –]CSecGuy 92 points 6 days ago*I've sort of known this for months and the reason that their service is vulnerable has to do with that their mobile application. This have been discussed on some underground chats for a while and they've not even acknowledged that they have had a security breach, so this is mediocre in every way. Oh well, I guess this proves yet again that it's good to have a separat e-mail for buying things from these kind of half-shady stores.
      They now Acknowledge the leak has happened.

      But the Real issue is it took someone dropping the dump online for them to Acknowledge it.

      The fact of the matter is that their database was dumped because they didnt set limits or build a proper access control system into their web application.

      This is a Perfect Reason to Never give your Money to Gearbest ever again.

      I mean I think it was last year they were removed from this site for scamming users. Its no Secret that they dont care about their customers.

      neomode I think you should send out a warning announcement That Gearbest was compromised and that if you were a user there that you should reset your account.

      gearbest Shame on you for Denying the Existence of the leak.but there is evidence of wrong doing by your own company as far back as 2016

      Its been speculated time and time again this company sells your information off.

      Not only that gearbest I have obtained a copy of the database that was stolen from you. Your company was storing passwords in clear text not even using a proper hashing algorithm if had taken basic web application security measures then atleast passwords would have been secured. and i dunno maybe set a memory limit to prevent shit from being dumped in one query.

      and neomode you should probably start looking into the security of your website,

      I honestly Think FreakTab should Cut its Ties With gearbest, Because gearbest definitely is full of shit when they say they have the problem under control. They have been known to rip people off, look on other forums and you will see where people have ordered from them and never got thier goods, Chances are They probably Sell of the Information to various sources and one of them decided to leak the information. I know Ill never ever buy anything from Gearbest, I advise All Freaktab members to do the same.


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        You do go on a bit keep it up and you know the deal...

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        Kinda getting repetitive in your posts Mr. For someone who claims to work with a Lot of these China manufactures I am sure a simple call will enlighten your out look. (We all know how thier market works and rules are nothing like ours as copywrite piracy actual way of life there.) I don't take fear posts to heart more so when the one talking does not have actual facts. We all heard enough of your thoughts in two different posts time to move along.. .

        Accounts changed passwords changed frozen ect. If you have some one access your account and order a million dollars worth of product nothing ships as always in China until that payment is sent...

      Hey Guys,

      please don't panic, so far there is no reason for it.

      I have posted before to the topic here.

      As long there is no real proof or users who tell us about troubles with their accounts, we can just observe the situation.

      And FreakTab is save, as far everbody can say this about any internet site.