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    Thx dude., I have to check it.



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      The kringloop got some pale4 systems, running embedded XP (password non default)
      I broke open the unit.. found Sata/ide connectors (probably Intel atom based with 1GB ram)(2GB drive with XP)
      -tried booting hirens bootcd.. but it fails to create ramdrive (unable to get HW info)
      I tried remix os (32bit) from USB and it booted

      I used a PC..Created 2 partitions on a harddrive..used Yumi.. to flash the ISO to fat32 (first) partition (2 is NTFS)
      It boots..nice and fast, LAN works / Intel GPU with mesa

      No root
      Googleplay says error remote server
      Unable to access second NTFS partition (tried paragon, but needs root)
      No audio
      Touchscreen works..but its off quite abit , no way to calibrate?

      So, what audiocard is support by remix os? (Preferably 5.1)
      How does men get root?
      Any solution on getting g-marked running?

      I appreciate the help
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        possible root option (will try it tomorrow) 32bit!L1IExJyT!ESK1HkaJN...J8WAgg1DsqZ1mo

        hopefully this will fix the issues

        Google play=OK
        Chrome =OK
        Kodi = ok (but 720p and higher fails)
        Modified data to 16GB= OK (but doing this, made the installed app gone)
        Boot using windowz loader=ok (using easybcd, to ISO)
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          So your knowledge and experience are very useful. I greet you.
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            I see...this treads are about remixos 32bit version 2 / android 5.1 based

            Note the new V3 is pre-rooted and Android 6 based...there is also a custom version at Xda-forum
            see: for help and custom version


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              Been tinkering, poking around REMIX 3.0 in Virtual Box , so far what I have seen I really like. Very fast, stable, had zero issues as yet with it. Love to see a AML 912 version or a RK version for my UGOOS UT3S (3288), both have potential, would try either in a heartbeat here. Be interesting option on Android TV boxes for sure.
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              UT3S 4Gig/32Gig w/fan
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                Not going to lie I never knew this existed, this is fantastic though! My wife has a small cheap laptop she uses for basic internet usage. It's slow as (pooh)(W10). I am going to test the difference - I AM EXCITED!
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