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Jide remix os for pc : updated to marshmallow

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  • Jide remix os for pc : updated to marshmallow

    I just noticed... jide site now offers marshmallow based RemixOs for 32bit and 64bit

    im already busy making a bootable usb stick...


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    Good info thanks:

    Mirror List for downloads

    Direct Download from Poland

    Direct Download from Japan

    Direct Download from USA

    Click image for larger version

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      Wahhh, my Remix mini is stuck on Lollipop.
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        Originally posted by clarkss12 View Post
        Wahhh, my Remix mini is stuck on Lollipop.
        This tread/section/post is about the Pc version of RemixOs

        But.. im also wondering
        If the Remix mini gets updated... or not (i also own one)

        I tried remixos v6 32bit...(on intel atom pineview )
        It boots from usb stick... i do get a warning = driver intel *** not supported for this intel processor model

        Tried installing it.. on SSD (using grub : Install=1 )
        ~Failed boot loop = ext4 mounted as ext3 function not supported?

        Install next to windows on NTFS... just to be usefull

        I gave up...for now

        Finally it installed

        It needed... nouveau.modeset=1 i915.modeset=0 INSTALL=1 DEBUG=1 (where "quiet" stood)
        My intel atom d525 has Nvidia GPU gt 730...installed on EXT4/16GB partition

        Hmmm the GUI looks great...and feels snappy

        After installing kodi... you need to go..settings/remix options/window mode (disable this for kodi)
        Kodi seems to work
        Youtube/ogtube.. sadly doesnt work... (the vids run 5sec..then freezes)
        NTFS USB stick.. it seeks to format / AWS stick comesup as emty.. when creating folder..remix crashes
        installed OfficeSuite opening more then 3 docs crashes remix
        google play doesnt work..cannot access google server.. if you click screen

        Working: 3dmouse/mouse/usbdac/keyboard
        It comes with root and remixcloud appmarket (and google activator)

        I tried to use it.. for my office work, but it crashed a few times

        Ota update: 3.0103
        Fixes wifi not working
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