Microsoft Mail Accounts not Working


We like to Inform you, that we can not Send Mailīs to Microsoft Mail Service.
This means User with an E-Mail Account @ Hotmail, Outlook, Live etc. will
not receive any Mails from us.
This is not our fault, we are in Contact with them but so far no Answer.
We will let you know when the Issue is fixed!

Freaktab Admin Team
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[Remix OS for PC] Update: 3.0.203

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  • [Remix OS for PC] Update: 3.0.203

    [Remix OS for PC] Update: 3.0.2

    1. Latest Release

    Remix OS for PC version: 3.0.203

    Release date: August 31, 2016

    Optimizations for the Gaming Toolkit app:
    • Key mapping on the taskbar area when the taskbar is hidden is now enabled
    • Fixed a bug where black screen appears for a few seconds when the Gaming Toolkit is opened
    • Fixed a bug where the floating button disappears when it's being dragged
    • Fixed a bug where the floating button sometimes becomes non-responsive it's clicked on
    • Fixed a bug where the animation of closing the floating button repeats a couple of times when being closed
    • Fixed a bug where games with high frequency click events become non-responsive (i.e. Zenonia 4)
    • Fixed a bug where the Gaming Toolkit will still be in effect after it's been closed
    • Feature added that allows key mapping for F1-F12 keys
    • Feature added so that the Gaming Toolkit will automatically restart if it crashes

    Other major changes:
    1. Added support for 32-bit UEFI installation

    Source: Remix
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    Please note...
    OTA updating... doesnt work, Even if you install it on your harddisk (Ext4) (yes, there is a ota update app)
    *that's the biggest flaw... another flaw... it has no android recovery...and HDMI sound doesnt work

    Best to first run from live usb disk/stick... to see if all of your hardware is supported
    *pentium m or any pentium without sse3..doesnt work...amd chips are also limit supported



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      A slow process for sure, and a good idea to run of the USB first save a bit of the "why did one format the hdd "
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