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First x86 Remix OS 2.0

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  • First x86 Remix OS 2.0

    Hi guys,

    here comes a ROM for all, who want a ROM on the PC that has the features of Android inside, with the design like Windows or maybe like Chrome OS

    x86 Remix OS 2.0
    In the zip File you find an usb tool to flash it. It works from an usb-stick, too, in case you don't want to kill your windows from your PC in the first step. Multiboot should be possible with grub, but I have it not tried so far.

    There are no Google services inside the ROM, but you can install for yourself.

    Follow the advises here

    Test it.


    They have updated it Remix OS.
    Last version is from March 2016 so far.
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    They say, it have to be installed on an USB 3 Stick, with min. 8GB.

    otherwise here an alternative:


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      Until it can be installed to an actual hard drive there's no point in testing it as performance is degraded using a USB bus for a primary IO.


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        Hello, There are instructions for installing Remix OS in VirtualBox or to a hard drive here. For hard drive, see step 3.
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          Tried that. It doesn't seems to work with any of my laptops[ Emachines EM250, Dell Latitude E6400, Compaq Presario CQ60 ]. And to be fair, with the AndroidX86 installer being self-contained and RemixOS focusing on X86/X64 deployment, it seems like something they should be improving on.


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            I have it installed on two systems, a dell optiplex 980 sff with a core i5 650 and a mini itx i built with a gigabyte h55n usb3 - works great, OTA update is good, installed to HD easily. Google services are already pre-installed and can easily be activated if you're not afraid of a short venture into the command line.


            on the core i3 I get about 100k in antutu.. I'm going to upgrade this system to a faster processor and ram, replace the hd with an ssd and let the scores fly.

            Pretty impressed with it so far.


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              I agree.. on the installer..on most systems it fails ( from usb / grub =install)
              Then you are left using the Data.img.. if you make it bigger then default.. it drags down performance allot..
              Anyway.. hopefully it gets better over time

              Today.. sold my second old pc n260 intel atom (kringloop.. every buck goes to a charity)
              -used the xda 32bit build (rooted ect ) its a big improved to the jide d/l
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                Query, please:
                Originally posted by mitchell4you View Post
                -used the xda 32bit build (rooted ect ) its a big improved to the jide d/l
                Is this where you got that from:



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                  Yes, but it has a big flaw.. auto/online updates dont work..

                  If you have a Nvidia card.. you need to edit grub (google: menu.lst Nvidia remixos)