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Need Help Customizing Firmware

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  • Need Help Customizing Firmware

    I have been going crazy trying to customize the firmware on my Yundoo Y2 Android Box. I am using the Amlogic Customization Tool and USB Tool.. I am able to unpack the firmware and repack it and load the new img file on to my box. But the box boots into recovery mode. Even if I unpack the original firmware and repack it without making any changes the same thing happens... But if I load the original firmware it install and works perfectly.

    I am obviously missing a step or doing something wrong.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Is it android 6 or 7 ? Because no one can un pack repack 7 yet.... But. If 6 dependz on what you changed in it.
    Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.


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      It's Android 6. S912 Processor 2GB/32GB....

      Even if I just open up the original firmware and then repack it without making any changes the box will go to recovery mode...

      What I originally wanted to do was change the background image on the launcher.. There is no option for doing this in the settings. So I opened the apk (SmartTv.apk) using apk tool and changed the image then replaced the original apk with the updated one.

      I'm thinking I am missing a step or that a file needs to be changed to reflect the new size of the img file after repacking. I have no errors when packing or when installing from USB Tool.


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        Try opening customization tool as administrator
        Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.


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          trying that now. Thanks !


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            Same thing... Is there any other step than the following:

            Click 'LOAD"
            Check all boxes except "SET DEFAULT SETTING(Unpack System apk)"
            Choose IMG File (This is the working firmware file)

            Make changes
            Click 'Pack'

            I did everything above but without making any changes. I noticed that after packing the file is a little bigger, but no changes have been made at all. I load the file into USB Tool and install on my box. After installation I reset the box and it goes to recovery mode..

            If I then load the original firmware file in USB Tool and install it on my box everything is back to normal.. So something is definitely happening when I pack the new file.