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android source code 2.3 download

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  • android source code 2.3 download

    can some one use this for the arnova 10 g2 ?
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    The gingerbread source code was released on 2010


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      From what I know, the main problem in building the system from the sources is that we lack the code of the hardware drivers for the arnova 10g2.

      But maybe, building everything else but the kernel, and using the compiled modules we already have would work.

      Sorry, I don't have enough knowledge and courage to play with it, though

      But that would be really interesting.

      You can also get the sources of the Cyanogen 7.2 version of gingerbread, with a lot of tweaks and customizations.
      It is free as well, and heavily developped, and I think a lot more powerful.

      But this really implies a lot of work. In my opinion, It is worth waiting for some ICS ports for rockchip based tablets.

      Originally posted by snakekiller View Post
      can some one use this for the arnova 10 g2 ?