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Cube U30GT Clockwork dem

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    Re: Cube U30GT Clockwork dem

    That's good to hear.

    Once I cure some ftp issues I will have version 1.1 based on cubes 1.7 ready for beta release.

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    Struggling for time at the moment, but will try and drop by when I can.

    If you would like to support my ROM development then please visit my Google site donate page where you can make a paypal donation

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      Originally posted by 900supersport View Post
      Snakekiller has kindly done a little themeing for me. To do this he has changes the following files



      I've packaged these up as a clockwork, I've done this for my cube mini but I expect it should work fine with other tabs. Download it from the link below, this should save it in the sdcard (internal) in the Downloads folder.

      NOTE Ceptic informs me that this does not work on the cube mini with JB.

      Clockwork update -> (11.47 meg)

      For maximum safety when you start recovery you would backup the system, then if it all goes wrong or you don't like the change you can restore. if you skip this step you should be OK.

      To update
      Now reboot to recovery or start in recovery
      navigate and select 'install zip from sdcard'
      navigate and select 'choose zip from internal sdcard'
      navigate and select Download/
      navigate and select ''
      confirm you want to apply the change
      wait a minutes or so as the update is implemented
      navigate and select 'Go Back' until you are at the main menu
      Select reboot

      Once the tab restarts you will notice a few changes including the status bar, system settings and keyboard.

      Hope you like it.
      Hi and thank you very much for your efforts! They are truly appreciated!

      The link for the Snakekiller updates is dead, could you please re-upload if you have the time?