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Updated - 900 Supersport 1.1 rooted ROM for Cube U30GT Mini 1.05

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  • Same problem, File isnt disponible

    Originally posted by xanpepe View Post
    Excuse me if this post don´t must be in this thread

    WARNING ONLY TO Cube U30GT Mini 2013 model with FW DIM V1.02 20130122

    Hi again. solution to camera missing

    I extract a security copy with CMW from other mini cube U30GT with the same FW DIM V1.02 20130122, then I put the backup in my tablet and I restore with CMW and now all OK.
    1-Download this file, is backup from cmw and aplication to flash cmw MID v1.02 20130122.rar
    2- install CMW in the two tablets and do backup in the stock table.
    3- copy in root of external sdcard complete clockworkmod folder.
    4_ restore from sd external card
    In archive add it is cmw backup and cmw
    To install cmw, turn on your tablet when the system is on put usb conection with PC, now ejecute RKAndroidTool.exe, it is in cwm_base folder, you can to read below Found RKAndroid Mass Storage Usb, now click in reboot to flash mod, the tablet turn off automatic then and you can to read in RKAndroidtool window, Found RKAndroid Loader Rock Usb, now click in flash rom. OK.

    CMW modo, without usb conection, and without power conection, hold first vol+ and second power for 4 to 5 seconds then release first power key then volume key
    in cmw up down with volume +- keys, select option with power
    select backup restore from external sdcard
    when the restore done go back and reboot system now
    it is all
    now you have this:


    @900supersport here it is the stock image but im cmw format, I can not find original fw DIM V1.02 20130122 in three days that I was searching.
    Hello i have this problem, but the file isnt disponible more, can you send me the file MID v1.02 20130122.rar. again.


    • Originally posted by 900supersport View Post
      I've just uploaded a new ROM kit for the Cube U30GT Mini based on Cube's U30GT MINI_v1.05_20121214 Firmware.


      Instructions, sorry these ar so long
      • ...
      • ...
      • you will see the following, cube's image from the kernel, the boot image (<-how do I change this one?), the boot animation and finally the familiar desert island
      • ...
      • ...
      Hi. This ROM works great on my U30GT, but how do I change the boot image?
      The one that is just before the boot animation starts.

      I managed to change the boot animation zip from /system/media, but there is still one image that shows just before the boot animation starts.

      How do I change that?

      I extracted the files from boot.img, but I could not find any images or .rle files in there either. I couldn't figure out where this boot image is coming from? There is no boot_logo in /system/media/images either

      Is there any way to change it?



      • mine is a u30gt-ms
        it had a .rle in the root ie: /
        it was 2mb, i just removed it to speed up booting.