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    i am considering upgrading my Himedia android player as the android software cannot be updated anymore

    i have been looking at this brand Rikomagic. i like their Mk22 plus android specs as if has 3 gb ram and 32 gab ROM

    i noticed Rikomagic has media players in android , windows 10 and linux. i was wondering which one to consider or should i stick with android ? my Himedia is my only android device and has not had any software issues or virus's. my personal pcs (windows ) although have had my fair share of bugs and viruses.

    i am most knowledgeable with windows but also think it's the most buggy and virus prone even with antivirus and malware my android no issues even without virus protection. Linux on the other hand dont know that much about , it may be a possible option.

    i am technical so i can figure any out. any suggestions?

    rikomagjc info ; ( have to search models for prices )

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    In order to see if a particular OS would suit your needs, you would have to list the types of things that you need to play and streaming services that you want to use, as Android and Windows will have their own advantage and disadvantages, especially when it comes to TV and Movie streaming services, some of which will either not work on Android, or much work may have to be done to get them to work.
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      About rikomagic information, i think you can go to Rikomagic's AliExpress Store, The AliExpress Store Name is "Rikomagic MK802 family Store". There are many models you can to choose.


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        For my personal opinion,if just for entertainment,I think android is good enough; if sometimes you want to use it as small computer,then windows is better; regarding linux(ubuntu),normally it's for business use,for example signage player etc.