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Beelink G1 ultimate dark video issues

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  • Beelink G1 ultimate dark video issues

    Please if anyone can help me with the issue I have with my new box. The video is very dark and sometimes unwatchable. I am running the build M312 or 312M and my serial number starts with G912.
    I have seen some answers online but most scare the hell out of me. Firstly I don't know how to find out if I have the newest build and secondly I am afraid to try a rom upgrade. I am in southern Ontario Canada and am willing to pay if anyone can help me with this. Thank you.


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    While playing a movie or tv click the ok button on your remote. You will see a speaker come up for adjusting the audio and next to it is symbol for the video. Just adjust the brightness and then go down to the bottom of the same menu and click on the use for all media. Or you can also go into the system settings and uncheck one of the hardware accelerators. I think it was the first one. It says amlogic or surface
    I think. Then go back and see if it is any brighter.


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      is only when using kodi. When I am using an apk to watch IPTV there are no settings for that. If it was a kodi only issue then I would agree.
      Mot isn't just kodi.


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        Look at todays posts. There is a new firmware. Maybe that will help.


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          Firstly I appreciate all the help. I knew this was the right place to go. My box shows the latest build as 312 and that one for today says 104 firmware. Is there a different spot to check firmware?
          it is truly unwatchable. I hate it. And I love the box. I know I picked the right box but never knew about this issue. Reviews for this box were great. I can figure out how to put the firmware on I am sure. I just don't want to brick the box.


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            Oh yes my box is a gt1 ultimate with serial number starting G912

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