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Android 4.4(Kitkat) for Pipo Max-M8 Pro Tablets,availability

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  • Android 4.4(Kitkat) for Pipo Max-M8 Pro Tablets,availability

    Hi all,is there any update of Android 4.4 (Kitkat) for the Pipo Max-M8 Pro Tablets?
    Rather is the update present for RK3188 chipsets in general?

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      Thanks @cshock2010, got the links.
      But since my Tablet is a wifi version only(Pipo Max-M8 Pro) ,I am unable to use this link :

      Waiting for @rrileypm our saviour Friend.


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        3G version...

        is supposedly here:


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          Non-compatability of ROM with Pipo Max-M8 Pro Tablet

          Originally posted by PolarBear View Post
          No,Friend. That's for the 3G version(sim slot presence) of Pipo Max-M8 Pro Tablet.
          Mine is only a wifi version.


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            Sorry. It's linked here somewhere; I'm pretty sure I saw it.


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              The only difference between the wifi and 3g versions are some drivers to make the 3g modem work....otherwise they are compatible.

              If you have a 3G tablet, but don't use the 3G can flash the wifi ROM...the modem just won't work.

              If you own a wifi only can flash the 3G version. Since there is no 3G hardware, you should have no problems...other than a slight increase in battery consumption because of some extra processes that go on in the background. Deep sleep will likely not work.

              Lately, Pipo has been only issuing one version of their firmware for both.

              I looked at the Russian ROM...and I think I will pass on it for the moment. I will just wait for an official Pipo release for my ROM.

              KitKat is pretty sweet on my U8 tablet, but my most recent RileyROM 4.2.2 version is the most stable ROM for the M8 Pro at the moment.
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