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  • I feel the same way Kenneth. I'm probably going to get an Onda tablet next, as they seem to have pretty decent support as far as Chinese tablets go. However I'm in no big hurry as my p9 is fine, and tablet innovation seems very slow, not just for Chinese brands but everyone.


    • If Rockchip will be releasing the SDK for Lollipop soon, why does that mean it's not possible for "someone" to produce a lollipop custom ROM for the P9? Or is it the case that first the manufacturer have to update the firmware, after which it can be tweaked into a slimmer, more effective ROM?


      • Unfortunately, Android devices aren't designed like Windows PC's...there isn't a generic Android OS that fits all hardware configurations. Every tablet is like a snowflake...there literally aren't two devices exactly the same. With variations in display, touch panel, wifi, GPS, bluetooth, USB, battery....pretty much everything...a factory firmware must be designed specifically for each device. Even within the same factory, firmware isn't compatible between models.

        So, while RK may be releasing the SDK for Lollipop, it's just the SDK...not the specific source code for compiling a kernel for the Pipo P9.

        It is pretty much up to Pipo to come up with an official factory firmware upgrade for their products...if they think it would benefit them by selling more P9's. However, Pipo has produced several versions of the P9 through different production runs with small changes in hardware even if they do make a Lollipop firmware, it wouldn't necessarily work on every P9 they ever made.

        We went through this on the RK3188 tablets when Pipo released KitKat firmware for tablets that originally came out with Jellybean. For the lucky ones, the KK firmware improved their tablets...for the unlucky produced a lot of bricks. This created such a headache for Pipo, that they pulled the KK offering from some tablets altogether. Then, it became a headache for us developers who had to come up with ways of unbricking tablets that were flashed with KK firmware not specifically designed for their hardware configuration.

        Based on comments I'm hearing from Pipo, I wouldn't plan on a Lollipop release for the P9. Their current direction is focused on Intel based tablets.

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        • So as Android is developed further and further, I'm left with a device that is gradually becoming less compatible with current apps. And if any updates are pushed out to apps, which are just to make them work with Lollipop, I'm better off not updating those apps?

          Thanks for your reply.



          • Backward compatibility of apps is something we don't need to worry about for a very long time, a lot of the apps I'm using still support gingerbread

            It's just disappointing that pipo is more concerned about releasing tons of models & gave such rude responses in an open forum, ie, their own official fb page. M9 was supported for slightly more than a year, P9 I think last update was less than 6 months after launch.


            • I have a Pipo P9 with xposed greenify, amplify and other services battery improved as much as possible. But I always see the no signal battery drain in the battery page.

              Now I had settled that I did what ever was possible. But then my girlfriend received a samsung tab4, which is a low/mid range tablet with 4000 mAh battery. Our P9 has close to 10.000 mAh.

              Her device can sit idle for 3 weeks and lose only 14 %. Mine will lose power within 1 week, even with airplane mode and all.

              I'm dissapointed.


              • Hey Guys,

                I use some Radxa Boards which based of Rockchip RK3188 and RK3288. Radxa is an opensource developerboard projekt found by Tom Cubie and Luffy Wang. Realy good Guys with great team and exellent support. Please look at Maybe some Developer like Riley can find some information to compile a new Lollipop Rom for P9! I hope so!


                • Hi everybody !

                  Pipo give me this rom because I recieved some tablette with electrical problems.
                  If you are interested :


                  • Lollipop firmware for Pipo P9


                    not working:
                    battery stats not accurate
                    HDMI out
                    front cam
                    sound quality is poor
                    and I had to hold the power on button for a while before it would start
                    on the plus side asphalt 8 was working on high graphic

                    I do not think it worth using this firmware at the moment.


                    • Help! I'm running Riley ROM 1.9, and whilst looking through the different languages in settings, I accidentally selected a language near the bottom with a non-roman script. Then my wallpaper reverted to the original one (seed blowing in the wind), I had the "" error message, which, if I press OK, normally goes away. This time it got stuck on a loop. I tried forced reboot by holding down power button, but it came back into the loop. I left it, unable to turn it off. It's now tuned off itself and I am unable to turn it on.

                      What can I do?



                      • How do I boot into recovery mode when it won't turn on? Is it hold Esc then Power, as prescribed in earlier Pipo thread? Should USB be connected to PC at this point so I can get into flash mode? Are flash mode and recovery mode the same thing?

                        Should I flash the entire ROM 1.9 again or just the recovery part?


                        • OK. Have reflashed RR1.9. Successfully back to zero. I think I'm going to invest in Titanium Back-Up. Not sure if I had to start over, but done it anyway.


                          • OK, i flashed OMA`s lollipop for the PiPO P9

                            broken things are...

                            GPS, front camera, camera flash does not work and audio is very bad popping and cracking sound.

                            RK3288: AOSP 5.1.1 on Pipo P9

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                            • Soms months ago, the lock/unlock button broke. So I sent it back to Banggood. Finally I got it back and the button works again. As it has the original rom on it, I flashed my PiPo P9 wifi directly with the RileyROM 1.9.
                              Now, I try to test the HDMI out but I cannot get any picture on two screens here (never used those tv's before, so I don't know if they work).

                              Just to be sure: I only have to enable the HDMI out inside the settings dialog, right? At that moment, I should directly get a picture on the second screen. Or do I have to have special apps that support the external screen before getting a picture? Do you guys have a clue? BTW, I'm using a mini-HDMI to HDMI plug and I attach a common HDMI cable from that plug to the TV screen.


                              • A new version of Lollipop firmware for Pipo P9 is out by Oma LP 5.1.1 build v1.0

                                it fix the sound & most of the other problems but the GPS is still not working