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[ROM] SC_V1.2 Custom Rom Beelink X2

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  • [ROM] SC_V1.2 Custom Rom Beelink X2

    Hi guys, here is my custom rom...

    Changelog V1.2:
    • Updated media libs
    • updated my custom librtmp on Kodi
    • other small fix...

    Changelog V1.1:
    • All of the above minus my custom kernel, is not needed...
    • Based on 202k4
    • Updated root
    • Updated Busybox
    • Added Nano text editor. Open Terminal and type nano
    • Added Bash enviroment. Open Terminal and type bash
    • Added init.d support.
    • Other small things....

    Changelog V1:
    • TWRP (Thks Abdul_pt)
    • Kernel from tronsmart (July) Custom config.
    • Xbox360 wireless and cable support.
    • Custom Kodi 14.2 CedarX Hw acceleration from the zidoo source code(thks zidoo and kodi team) cleaned and remove all their protections!
    • Updated all Google apps!
    • Clean all that Dragon resource eater spyware crap
    • Added some preinstall apps. Youtube, Terminal, Reboot, ES File Explorer, AdAway...
    • Increased TCP buffers
    • Added a Nexus10 build.prop
    • Other things ....

    Download V1.2:
    Old Build's:

    Want to buy me a beer?
    • Unzip the file
    • Open Phoenix Suit, and select the image file and leave it like that!
    • Power off the X2(remove the power cable is not need it), insert a paper clip in the reset hole and press and hold it and insert the usb cable to the usb port next to the power socket.
    • Next a window Pops up (stop pressing the reset button) and chose "yes" 2 times!
    • Wait for the process to finish


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    Thank You. Ou melhor Muito Obrigado superceleron... És Grande!!!
    Beelink X2 and Nexsmart D32 for now!!!


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      The link is not working. Could you upload it to Mediafire, for instance, please?


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        Check again, now is mediafire.


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          Thanks mate. Downloading.


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            Ok i found a bug in Kodi, let's see if anyone notice what is it


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              Thanks a million. Cant test Kodi till tomorrow. Kodi 15.2 final stable release is out. Is it possible to get modified Kodi based on 15.2 not 14.2...

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                sorry not from me, that work i leave it to TRIGTOP :/
                That one as already 20h of work(only on Kodi)... time to move one to another box/project


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                  before you leave, can you submit a patch?
                  So that maybe others can continue your work.
                  I have not tested your work, still downloading. But compared to the zidoo 1.0.19 image has it the same bugs?
                  aspect-ratio and others problems


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                    Yes that it the bug, but you can fix it
                    Sorry m8 i only removed all their protection crap... and fixed the sound output to work on other roms.
                    Fix you only need to do it once:
                    1º disable the AW codec
                    2º put the movie/video playing and pause it and open the aspect/interlace etc(to the ppl that dont know is in the control bar) put everything as you want(on my tv i always put as stretch 16:9 )
                    3º tick "Set as default to all videos"
                    4º close, un-pause the video see if that is how you like it, close the video.
                    5º activate AW codec and voila fixed

                    Maybe i upload it to my github account.


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                      Thanks for all your hard work on this ROM.

                      For some reason though I'm getting an error in extracting this archive? Downloaded it three times!

                      Beelink_X2-SC_V1-Custom_ROM (1).rar: Unknown method in Beelink_X2-SC_V1-Custom_ROM.img
                      Beelink_X2-SC_V1-Custom_ROM (1).rar: Error - operation failed
                      Anyone else having issues?


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                        Originally posted by kaufman
                        Hi, Anyone else having issues?
                        Try to open archive with latest version of 7zip or WinRar.

                        Originally posted by superceleron
                        Hi guys, here is my custom rom
                        First, thank you very much for your effort to help our small community. We all appreciate your hard work.

                        Unfortunately, new/old Kodi did not solve my problems with audio sync. Its even worse. Most of the time I am using just two addons, Youtube and Twit ( Both can be found in official repository. With official version of Kodi, I was able to "predict" audio offset and change it accordingly. With Ziddoo version, audio offset is all over place, its like watching movie synced in different language then original one I am forced to return to official Kodi.

                        Thank you!


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                          That is weird on my box youtube addon works ok no audio out of sync :?


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                            So, which rom is better at the moment? The new TRIGTOPor superceleron one?


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                              Test it and see what works best for you