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Boot Card Maker / Burn card maker updated

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  • Boot Card Maker / Burn card maker updated

    Thought someone could use this, didn't see it posted anywhere else!

    I'm not sure how to use the new boot from USB maker function, if anyone could post a tutorial it would be great!
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    There's a pretty good tutorial here:


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      Hi Guys,
      For people who had troubles to burn firmware in SDcard. For sure it depends from where it comes from YES?
      So as i didn't have USB cable Male/Male. I tried some burn card maker and al last found this one that works great WITH THE RIGHT FIRMWARE.
      So i have flashed with this tool, at least three firmware for GT1 of course... Something like 10 or 11 times following the same step by step process all include in the zip file i am sharing.
      The credit is not for me sorry i don't remember the source anyway it works great so thanks to the DEV.

      Here is the link MEGA:
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        That Burn Card maker jesuis linked to is The offical amlogic tool and you dont need to follow the cnx-software guide . I have gotten that tool from acemax in the past. I have a more current version of that tool. i will upload it in a few


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          hi guys,

          i have jmgo g3 projector (only chinese), it has Amlogic t866, can i flash international jmgo g3 pro (has same chipset T866) firmware to my chinese prjector with burn card maker?



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            This also worked for me


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              Originally posted by John Smith View Post
              This also worked for me
              You should be using this Version.


              It is 2.0.3.

              That boot card maker shit is obsolete.

              this is called the Burn Card maker.and it works with aml_firmware_upgrade.img files


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