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Tronsmart aw80. How to give it a new life?

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  • Tronsmart aw80. How to give it a new life?

    Hi freaktabs. I have aw80 4gb version for some time now. Was happy with it but its not to good for games as I thought when buying it. However I want to play with it a little bit more but dont know whats recommended. \

    Whats the best rom for it if you wanna play some games with bluetooth gamepad. Is there any overclocked kernel for it ? Is there any cooling fan inside or should I put there one If I wannt overclocked kernel?

    Just looking for some ideas to make it better. thanks.

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    Well... adding a cooler would be wise ( Root : set interactive / force it to use 6 cores, 1ghz up to 1.6ghz )
    then : boinc client / seti home
    aka number crunching... that's where this unit comes to its own

    My best advice...would be selling it... students like these devices , linux nerds or number crunchers


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      Thanks for your response mate. How tp force it to use 6 cores?
      I rhough about selling it but dont know what would I buy now... For me all boxes are the same:/


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        Hmmm.. I made a error
        By adding a Cooler...there will be no throttling / then Root / Android Tuner : Gov Interactive - CPU 1 upto 1.6 ghz (should force it to run 8 cores)
        ​​​Then try running boinc on 8 threads (that's what I did with my allwinner H8 - has been running boinc a few months )

        Note: running the device at full speed causes services to Google market stopped working msg.. then WiFi goes off..



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          Anyone find a Lollipop Rom that works well on the AW80?


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            That seems to be the 64 bit question
            Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.