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how i could flash via phoenixsuit???

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  • how i could flash via phoenixsuit???

    Hi guys

    Sorry for my noob question but i didnt find a post with detailed steps how to flash via phoenix suit for draco aw80. Maybe is simple enough as describe it here But i dont know how to start device in recovery, if need it, as i dont know where is the reset button. Also i get this error for android wpd, as you could see in photo. in first place was google inc too, but i fix it with this topic Please any tip would be more than great

    Thanks in advance

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    You will need phoenixcard:

    If you are talking about a tronsmart aw80, should be fine

    Run the PhoenixCard.exe file

    From the drop-down box, select the microSD card, click DiskCheck, and tick the Product.

    Click on Img File and select the firmware file that you downloaded from the link above.
    You can press Burn and wait for the end of the recording, then you should safely remove the memory card.

    Disconnect box the network, disconnect all devices from it to USB and turn off the power.

    Insert a memory card, connect to a monitor or TV, and power up. The installation process starts with the green bar, wait until the end, then turn off the power and remove the memory card, then you can turn it on and on again.

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