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8726 mx v1-1 Openelec help

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  • 8726 mx v1-1 Openelec help

    Can any one help me with the firmware to install Openelec on this box please
    many thanks

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    I have found out the box is a mx 2 I can not seem to make a bootable disk that works and I have tried the USB burning tool but I can not connect to the box on my laptop what am I doing wrong or is box dead stuck on red light any ideas welcome


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      It's the same box as mine, I bricked and unbricked the box 2 times trying to install ember, The first time i was able to unrick the box with just the sd card, second time i needed to short the pins.

      You need this tool:

      And this its the firmware that i used, I renamed the bootloader.img to u-boot.bin like they explain in the comments.

      I uploaded all the files to dropbox, so just extract the rar and copy the files to the root of the sd card after you do the procedure with the bootmaker, remember u need to select in the bootcardmaler the u-boot file that i puted in this rar, not the one that comes in the bootcardmaker rar.

      The second time it got bricked, didn't boot with just the recovery sd , so I just started touching pins with the tootphick randomly and got booted when touching here:


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        Thanks for your help I have got the box to this screen could I be doing something wrong


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          try to maintain pressed the reset button longer when booting up, till you see a message saying installing software.


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            Thanks very much for your help I have now got firmware loaded and device unbricked I had to run dexters nand scrubber and the the firmware you sent me thanks very much for your help


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              Hi,please can You reupload SD UNBRICK - STOCK FIRMWARE CMX BOX.rar? I was briked same MX box v1.1.


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                Originally posted by jery View Post
                Hi,please can You reupload SD UNBRICK - STOCK FIRMWARE CMX BOX.rar? I was briked same MX box v1.1.

                I'm trying to install LibreeELEC on it with no luck, it seems to install okay, but after reboot, the light stays red and can only boot to Libre shorting the pins with the sd card inserted. If you try to install it , tell me your results.
                This is LibreELEC 8.0 build for MX2/G18 devices (DroidTV MX, G-Box Midnight MX2) with Amlogic AML8726-MX SoC (Amlogic Meson6). It is based on current LibreELEC WeTek Play build and OpenELEC port for G18 by codesnake. It is using WeTek Play LibreELEC…
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