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MXIII Plus 316k4 1080p Portrait issue

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  • MXIII Plus 316k4 1080p Portrait issue

    When I try to run portrait oriented application on this firmware, if I allow application to change resolution, the screen is rotated of 90 degrees. It can be good in some cases, for example if TV has capability to rotate the screen. But if TV has no feature to rotate screen then portrait mode is totally unusable. On my factory firmware the portrait mode behaved in different way - view hasn't been rotated but narrowed (empty left and right side of screen). Can I change this rotating behaviour for example by modifing build.prop, or do I need to search for other firmware?

    EDIT: after some investigations (switching beetween different firmwares) i now know that it is not portrait / landscape issue but aspect ratio issue. On older firmwares if application needs to run in portrait mode (no alternative for landscape mode) but mode is locked to landscape and not changable, the device maintain proper aspect ratio by itself (screen height is set to 1080, width calculated and set to 607.5, screen centered). It looks like app is working in portrait mode but in fact it is working in landscape with maintained aspect ratio.
    But on newer firmwares (mentioned MXIII+ 316k4 or newest Probox2 Ex) these devices doesn't maintain aspect ratio in landscape so for app working only in portrait mode screen is stretched to fill whole 1920x1080 and looks very bad. It is bad setting on kernel level, or something needs to be modified in build.prop or any other config file. I don't see any suspect in build.prop so the change must be done somewhere else or this behaviour is nonfixable at all.
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    ill like to know the answer to this as well bc i can keep it landscape but its stretched
    for now some have landscape under display settings or I use a orientation lock, to landscape of course.


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      Well, I asked this on few top android portals, and didn't get any info how to fix this. I wouldn't count for fix, search for another firmware or swallow it the way it is now.


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        I dont know about the aspect ratio
        but add or modify this line in build.prop and see
        90 is landscape

        forget this , ill be back
        lots of info on how the apps are built to accomodate this though
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          This wasn't on original firmware so I doubt ro.sf.hwrotation=90 will solve anything.
          EDIT: checked and it won't fix anything, as suspected.
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            I thought to myself that maybe i have described an issue in not quite understandable way. So I have attached two shots. It is from a Clash of Kings game. I can't believe that i am the only one with such issue.
            The game doesn't work in landscape mode. On older firmware, when changing orientation is blocked the game tries to fit to screen to display whole. On newer firmwares (and I have tested plenty of them, from different S812 and S802 devices) the game doesn't care about screen orientation and fits the width to 1920 and crops the upper part of screen which just can't fit on monitor. I don't have to mention that with such behaviour the game is totally unplayable because I can't pan the screen, and I don't see most part of it.
            I have tried many things to correct this, comparing all files in /etc beetween two firmwares, replacing init.rc scripts (by changing boot.img) with older firmware and I don't have any more ideas, only to replace whole kernel from older to newer firmware. Funny thing is that both kernels are in the same version 3.10.33 but with different date.
            The COK is not the only game behaving like that.


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              Hi ,

              really strange Problem , was the Gameversion always the same , did you already contact the Gamesupport ???

              greetings / gefattern


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                Why should I call developer of Clash of Kings? The game is not supporting landscape mode and it probably never will. There is no problem on smartphones or tablets, You can always twist the device.
                With 27" monitor without pivot You can't do this. Besides it is not the problem only with this game, but any others when they don't support landscape orientation. For example PacMan do the same (at least it is somehow playable). Strange thing is - older firmwares try to simulate portrait (if landscape is forced) to allow the application display as it should (with black bars on left and right). Newer - not.
                The only I can do now is to replace the kernel from older one, and if it won't help I need to just stay on older firmware. Or just leave this device only to watch movies - MX Player works the same on both.

                BTW: freaktab is not the only portal when I requested for help with this case. But with the same result - no solution - from may 2017.