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M8S+ Bricked but not sure..

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  • M8S+ Bricked but not sure..

    Good day Everyone, I have an M8S+ with S812, and ap6330. It is bricked so I think. Red light, no HDMI, won't boot into recovery with SD. Good think is that it is recognizable without having to short any pins using USB Burning tool. Was getting stuck at 2% and through these great forums I discovered I was using the wrong image and got direction to the cryo image. Here is the weird thing.. I am able to burn the image right through to 100% with no error. (Normal erase/forced erase, it does not matter) I remove the usb cable, remove the power, and reconnect the power and expect the box to boot after the successful burn. I get nothing.. Red light (not blue as expected) no HDMI signal. All input cables have been tested as working. Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong here ?
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    Anyone out there who might be able to figure this out... Is the box dead from a hardware perspective and not from firmware... USB Burning image to 100% but nothing on re-boot. Is it possible for the image to burn at 100% and perhaps there is an unknown issue with the graphics card firmware and this is why I see nothing on the screen? Except it doesn't explain why no blue light..