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Bricked new OTT TV Box M8SPlus/M8S+ (M9&M8_8Bit_V1.1 / S812-20160116-V1.2) 2Gb/16Gb

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    Thank you Kil1mple,

    I had the same issues as everyone above, this firmware not only un-bricked my box but also updated to 5.1.1 at the same time. My WiFi even works :-)


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      I've got the same bricked box - the link for the 'magic' firmware isn't working now - anybody share the file?


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        I've tried the link but there is nothing there. Can someone repost the firmware?


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          I have the M9&M8_8bit_V1.1 and don't have S812-20160116-V1.2 printed like in the top of the pic.

          I cant find a 5.1 rom. I have a twrp recovery someone posted works like a dream just no wifi. I am looking for the thread. Id like the firmware too!

          (UPDATE) I found the WIFI and LAN to be working after a factory reset and loading gapps pico version of the playstore, that works too. I would still love to have a *Img file that will go on this box.
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            Hi, Can some one reload the Firmware link referred to in post #7. I would really appreciate it.


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              Hi! Please give a link to the firmware. The old link does not work. Thank you.


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                This firmware worked for me last week. My TV box board has the identical detail printed to it as shown in the Title of this post. M9&M8_8Bit_V1.1 / S812-20160116-V1.2

                You will have to use the latest SD Card burn tool v 2.0.2 and use the toothpick method.