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Android tv box Manufacturer From China

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  • Android tv box Manufacturer From China

    Profession on android tv box :
    Amlogic S812:M10, M8S, M8C, UBOX S812, GTQ, MXIII-G
    Amlogic s802:m8 M8N, MX3,MXIII
    Amlogic s805: MXQ, M12, S85, UBOX, S805
    Amlogic 8726: MX2
    RK3368: I68
    TV Dongle: MK808B PLUS, MK903V
    FLY MOUSE: MX3, I8, T6, RE12, RE11

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    Your posted title.. suggested being the maker of these devices
    But..then I looked at the site..
    it includes Minix..devices?
    It includes lots of specs errors and typ0's..
    Do you really make these devices?

    Just wondering.. Cheers


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      Yes , we also sell MINIX ,which model and how many pcs you want ?


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        i'm german and sorry for my bad english.

        I have this box in November 2015 bought on **** with this designation:
        MX3 MXIII Android Smart TV Box Amlogic S802 Quad Core 4.4 Kitkat XBMC 4K 2GB Ram

        But it is not this box.

        Hardwareapps indicate this:
        Manufacturer: SkyKirin
        Brand: MBX
        Model: MXIII
        Board: n200 (KCA-005)
        Hardware: amlogic
        SoC Modell: AMLogic Meson8 AML8726-M8
        CPU: S812 (4x ARM Cortex-A9 @ 1992 MHz)
        CPU Revision: r4p1
        GPU: Mali-450 MP Octa-Core 8x 600MHz
        RAM: 2GB
        ROM: 8GB
        Firmware: KOT49H.20151021 test-keys
        Android: 4.4.2

        Which box is that really?

        I made photos from the outside and from the inside and bootload and hardwareinfo, found in the archive.


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          odious i think me and you have the same box


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            My box is a fake!


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              Your box is not official mxiii box.It looks like hybrid box(most of clone box have half of size or your box).Don't try to flash mxiii official firmware or you will brick it.If you brick the box than you can only flash this firmware to unbrick


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                No firmware works on the fake box. I've tried everything and tried. Also in your link does not work with the fake box. The fake box gets you no longer functional. A working firmware does not exist on the internet. I now have a real MXIII-G box of netxeon. The fake box i have thrown into the dustbin. The fake box belongs in the dustbin!

                Sorry for my bad english, i'm german.


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                  Odious my box is fake and i jist flashed it with new firmware and it did work!!! 😃


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                    Originally posted by Theartist View Post
                    Odious my box is fake and i jist flashed it with new firmware and it did work!!! 😃
                    Please share how you did that - I also have this box and want to upgrade!